$1.72 trillion GPU company

AI Image Lawsuit Update, AI Victory Speech from Jail, Government Limits Use of AI in Healthcare, and More

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  • 🧠 $1.72 trillion GPU company

  • 🎨 AI images copyright lawsuit update

  • 🗳️ AI used to deliver election 'victory speech'

  • 🛑 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services limits AI in healthcare

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$1.72 trillion GPU company

Nvidia Corp.'s stock has experienced a significant rally this year, positioning the company close to overtaking Amazon.com Inc. as the fourth most valuable US company, with a market capitalization nearing $1.72 trillion.This surge is attributed to the robust demand for its AI computing chips, with the stock price increasing by over 40% in 2024.

Despite the impressive growth, the rapid increase has sparked debates about the sustainability of these gains, especially with Nvidia's earnings announcement on the horizon. Nonetheless, Nvidia's financial performance remains strong, with sales and profits significantly benefiting from AI demand, leading to a market value increase of about $600 billion in just three months.


AI images copyright lawsuit update

The lawsuit, initiated by visual artists claiming copyright infringement through the use of their artworks to train AI models without permission, has reached a pivotal moment. The artists allege their work was scraped from online sources or obtained from databases, notably the controversial LAION-5B, to train AI models that produce similar artworks.

However, the defendants argue that their AI models do not directly copy but reference the artworks to create new, distinct products and that the models do not replicate the original works unless specifically prompted by users.

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AI used to deliver election 'victory speech'

In the recent parliamentary elections in Pakistan, Imran Khan's party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), utilized a computer-generated voice to deliver a "victory speech" for the imprisoned former Prime Minister.

Despite Khan's incarceration, PTI claimed a significant victory, securing the largest number of parliamentary seats according to official results. These results came after delays and allegations of manipulation favoring military-backed parties.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services limits AI in healthcare

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a memo to health insurance companies, specifically addressing the use of AI algorithms in determining eligibility for US government healthcare coverage, particularly within Medicare Advantage plans.

The CMS memo clarifies that algorithms which base decisions on generic data rather than individual patient history, physician recommendations, or clinical notes, do not comply with Medicare rules effective from 2024.

The memo also points out the risk of AI exacerbating discrimination and bias, emphasizing adherence to the Affordable Care Act's nondiscrimination mandates. This move by CMS underscores the growing scrutiny over AI in healthcare decisions and its implications for insurance practices and patient care.

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