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  • 📝 75% increase in people adding these A.I. terms to their resume

📝 75% increase in people adding these A.I. terms to their resume

A.I. + essay mills, forbidden facial recognition, Linkedin and A.I., preventing music lawsuits, and more

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  • 📝 75% increase in people adding these A.I. terms to their resume

  • 👓 Forbidden facial recognition technology

  • 🎼 Brute forcing 471 billion melodies to prevent lawsuits

  • 🚌 A.I. + essay mills = big problem for schools

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📝 75% increase in people adding these A.I. terms to their resume

LinkedIn has observed a significant increase in the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GAI) in its platform, driven by the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022. This surge in interest is evident in job postings, skills added to member profiles, and conversations related to AI. Job listings mentioning GPT or ChatGPT have risen 21 times since November 2022. This reflects a growing acceptance of AI-assisted technologies like ChatGPT in daily work processes, with businesses and professionals looking to leverage AI for productivity gains. A survey showed that 47% of US executives believe generative AI will boost productivity, and 44% plan to increase their organization's use of AI in the coming year.

The data also reveals that members have been actively incorporating GAI-related keywords into their profiles, marking a 15-fold increase in June compared to January. Since the start of the year, they have seen on average a 75% increase each month in members worldwide adding terms like “GAI,” “ChatGPT,” “Prompt Engineering,” and “Prompt Crafting,” to their profile.

Forbidden facial recognition technology

In 2017, Facebook engineers experimented with a smartphone attached to a baseball cap, equipped with a secret facial recognition tool that could identify people's faces. This technology had the potential to assist individuals with vision problems or face blindness and help users remember colleagues' names or recognize acquaintances at social events. However, Facebook's previous deployment of facial recognition for photo tagging had raised privacy concerns and resulted in a class-action lawsuit.

In recent years, start-ups like Clearview AI and PimEyes have introduced face search engines, enabling users to find online photos of unknown individuals by using a single snapshot. While tech giants had the capability to develop such technology earlier, they chose not to release it, deeming the ability to identify strangers too ethically problematic. Now, the taboo surrounding facial recognition has been broken, and the technology could become widespread, used by law enforcement, authoritarian governments, businesses, and individuals.

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Brute forcing 471 billion melodies to prevent lawsuits

While this list of melodies may not have immediate practical use, it serves as a demonstration of the limitations of copyright laws when it comes to music, particularly regarding overlapping notes and chord progressions. Their goal is to highlight the need for a more nuanced approach to copyright in the music industry, emphasizing the importance of fostering creativity and innovation.

A.I. + essay mills = big problem for schools

AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT are becoming accessible to students, but they are not without issues. Hallucinations in chatbot responses are still common, with GPT-4 producing one in five citations, which can pose challenges for students seeking reliable assistance. Due to the unreliability of chatbots, essay mills are promoting services that combine AI and human labor to produce content that is harder to detect by anti-cheating software.

Ads for AI-based essay-writing services are popping up on TikTok and Meta platforms. Some of these services offered various degrees of assistance, from enhancing academic texts to creating entire essays, citations, and plagiarism checks using AI. Many of these tools appear to be wrappers that utilize custom prompts to extract desired responses from chatbots. While some ads have been removed from TikTok, there remains uncertainty about how platforms like Meta and TikTok will enforce laws related to such advertising, given the broad and vague nature of the legislation.

In case you’re interested — we’ve got a bunch of cool AI tools listed over at Daily Zaps AI hub. If you have any cool tools to share, feel free to submit them or get in touch with us by replying to this email.

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