“AI agents” over hyped?

Apple hiring AI interns, AI regulation, Biden and Xi, Amazon selling cars, and more

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“AI agents” over hyped?

The initial excitement surrounding AI agents like AutoGPT and BabyAGI has faced significant disappointment due to their technical limitations. These early versions, which promised to automate a range of tasks, have struggled to deliver on their potential. The recent announcement by OpenAI to launch a product aiding the development of such bots briefly reignited the hype, but the reality remains that these agents are not as effective as anticipated. They are decent at planning and dividing work into sub-tasks but often fail at executing these tasks.

The technology, akin to self-driving cars, frequently encounters issues with "edge cases" – situations it hasn't encountered before. This unreliability has eroded consumer trust, as exemplified by unexpected behaviors like unsolicited tweeting. This scenario reflects a broader dilemma in the AI industry, where long-term research aspirations clash with the immediate return expectations of venture capital investments.

Additionally, there's an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of vertical-specific agents (focused on specific tasks) versus general-purpose agents. This discussion reflects the evolving nature of AI agent technology and the quest for a balance between specialization and versatility.

Apple hiring AI interns

Mehrdad Farajtabar from Apple is offering a unique opportunity for aspiring interns in the field of Large Language Models. This is your chance to bypass typical hurdles like resume tracking software and HR filters, and get your resume directly into the hands of the hiring manager. If you're aiming for a career in AI and want to work with one of the leading tech giants, this is an ideal opening.

The internship focuses on efficient inference and training of Large Language Models. Candidates should email their CV along with relevant research or codes. The requirements include long-term availability (both spring and summer), US work authorization with a preference for relocation to Seattle, research experience in NLP and ML, proficiency in PyTorch or Jax, and current enrollment in a PhD program. This is a rare opportunity to step directly into the AI world of one of the biggest and most prestigious companies in the industry. While Farajtabar may not respond to all inquiries, he assures that all applications will be read and considered, with follow-ups for the most fitting candidates.

Email him at m_farajtabarATappleDOTcom

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Big tech and small tech disagree on AI regulation

The regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) is a divisive topic in Silicon Valley, with government officials and big tech firms like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI acknowledging the need for guidelines. However, many tech leaders, including venture capitalists and CEOs of midsize software companies, argue that AI laws could stifle innovation and competition. They fear that regulations might favor large firms, limiting opportunities for smaller companies and startups.

Some tech leaders fear that government involvement could make AI development more difficult and expensive. They also worry about the impact on the open-source community. On the other hand, large AI companies have been more receptive to regulation, seeing it as a way to prevent negative outcomes, increase investment, and gain public trust in AI.

Biden and Xi agree to discuss AI safety

Source: DALL-E

During a recent face-to-face meeting on the outskirts of San Francisco, U.S. President Joe Biden and China's President Xi Jinping agreed to bring together experts to discuss the risks and safety issues associated with artificial intelligence (AI). This agreement, which took place during a four-hour discussion, is seen as a positive step towards understanding and managing the implications of AI.

This conversation was part of the broader agenda of this week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, where Biden emphasized the importance of distinguishing between useful and dangerous applications of AI. Over the past year, the Biden administration has intensified efforts to restrict China’s access to American chips and other vital technologies, highlighting the strategic importance of these sectors in the ongoing rivalry between the two global superpowers.

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