AI chatbots are too nosy

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AI Chatbots can guess your personal information

Recent research indicates that advanced chatbots, like ChatGPT, can deduce sensitive details about users from seemingly innocent conversations. The extensive and varied data sources used to train these chatbots enable them to make surprisingly accurate inferences. Even if direct personal details are omitted, the models can deduce information based on context. The findings highlight the potential risks associated with using chatbots, especially as their capabilities continue to grow.

For instance, the way a user speaks can hint at their location, age, race, and other personal details. Martin Vechev, who led the research, warns about the potential misuse of this capability. Scammers might exploit chatbots to extract confidential information, and advertisers could use gleaned details to profile users.

Amazon/MIT robot study

At the "Delivering the Future" event, Amazon announced a collaboration with MIT and the Ipos research firm to explore the impact of robotics and AI on jobs. The upcoming study focuses less on job count and more on how employees and the public perceive the growing presence of robotics and AI in various industries. The research will also delve into human-robot interaction (HRI), emphasizing the importance of mutual understanding for effective teamwork.

While Amazon claims that robots alleviate the physical labor burden from human workers, critics argue that automation makes human tasks more repetitive and may reduce job numbers. Amazon Robotics' Chief Technologist, Tye Brady, emphasized that even with over 750,000 mobile robots in their operations, Amazon has continued hiring.

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Nvidia and Foxconn - “AI factories”

Nvidia and Foxconn are teaming up to create "AI factories." These are high-tech data centers designed to boost the development of self-driving cars and autonomous machines. The AI factories will process vast amounts of data from electric vehicles, refining it into useful AI models. This data will help improve vehicle software over time.

These AI factories are set to compete with Tesla’s advanced computing system, the Dojo supercomputer. While Tesla plans to use its custom-built chips for Dojo, the Foxconn-Nvidia factories will utilize Nvidia’s advanced superchip and software.

Universal Music sues AI start-up

Universal Music Group, along with other music publishers, has filed a lawsuit against the AI company Anthropic for allegedly distributing copyrighted song lyrics through its AI model, Claude 2. The complaint, lodged in Tennessee, highlights instances where Claude 2 produced lyrics strikingly similar to established songs such as Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Don Mclean’s “American Pie.”

The complaint emphasizes that while some AI platforms obtain proper licensing to distribute copyrighted lyrics, Anthropic does not. The lawsuit also indicates that Anthropic had the knowledge and means to prevent copyright infringement but often failed to do so. This issue underscores the broader challenges surrounding copyright infringement in the realm of generative AI, with the music industry grappling with how to utilize AI technology without compromising copyright protections.

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