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Another AI-Generated Song Goes Viral

AI Rihanna Song, UK Invests $124 Million In AI, PwC To Invest $1 Billion in AI, and More

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  • 🏋️ Apple’s AI Powered Health Coaching

  • 🎼 AI-Generated Song Featuring Rihanna Goes Viral

  • 👑 UK Will Spend $124 Million On AI

  • 💬 Russia's Sberbank Releases ChatGPT Rival

  • 💰Harvey AI Raises $21M for “LawyerGPT”

  • 🧳 PwC US $1 Billion Investment In AI Capabilities

  • 🤯 Cool A.I. Tools and News 

  • 🖼️  A.I. Generated Image of the Day

  • ⚡️ A.I. Meme of the Day

Apple’s AI Powered Health Coaching

Apple is reportedly developing an AI-powered health coaching service called Quartz, which will use information from the user's Apple Watch to create personalized coaching programs for exercise, eating habits, and sleep. The service is expected to have a monthly fee and is planned for next year. Apple is also adding tools for tracking emotions and managing vision conditions to the iPhone Health app and is planning to release an iPad version of the app this year. The new iPad Health app will allow users to see their health data on a larger screen, and the emotion tracker will eventually be able to use algorithms to understand a user's mood based on speech, text, and other data. The mixed-reality headset that Apple is expected to unveil at WWDC is said to include a feature that allows users to meditate while wearing the device. More info here.

AI-Generated Song Featuring Rihanna Goes Viral

A song, called "Por Qué," includes Rihanna singing with a voice that sounds like Bad Bunny on a reggaeton beat. The creator of the AI-generated songs, known as Ghostwriter977, previously posted a song called "Heart On My Sleeve," which was removed from multiple streaming platforms for infringing on content created with generative AI.

It is crucial to understand what is happening, regardless of your musical preferences. A decade ago, most people believed that creative work would be the last thing that AI could replace. However, the opposite has occurred. OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, predicted in early 2022 that AI would continue to have an increasing impact on creative fields.

Soon, AI tools will do what only very talented humans can do today. (I expect this to go mostly in the counter-intuitive order--creative fields first, cognitive labor next, and physical labor last.)

Great for society; not always great for individual jobs.


they tried to shut us down… #badbunny #badbunnysong #rihanna #rihannanewmusic #aimusic

UK Will Spend $124 Million On AI

The UK government has pledged £100m in funding for the development of secure and reliable AI models to be used in various industries, including healthcare and education. The Foundation Model Taskforce will be made up of government and industry experts, working to develop safe and reliable foundation models for generative AI applications. The aim is to ensure that the UK becomes globally competitive in AI and benefits from the predicted 7% increase in global GDP over a decade. The government also recently published a white paper outlining guidelines for responsible AI use, including safety, transparency, fairness, accountability, and governance. More details about plans here.

PwC US $1 Billion Investment In AI Capabilities

PwC US has announced that it plans to invest $1 billion over the next three years to expand and scale its artificial intelligence (AI) offerings, building on its long-standing commitment to AI. The investment includes a relationship with Microsoft to create scalable offerings using OpenAI's GPT-4/ChatGPT and Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service. PwC will leverage this technology to help support clients in reinventing their businesses and delivering better outcomes. The company will also upskill its 65,000 employees on AI tools and capabilities. More details on company website here.

Harvey AI Raises $21M for “LawyerGPT”

Remember the Sam Altman quote above about AI taking on creative work?

Harvey AI Raises $21M In A Series A Round Led By Sequoia for it’s LawyerGPT service. Harvey is starting with the legal market and aims to help legal teams with tasks like research, due diligence, and more. The company helps lawyers focus on client relationships and strategic work. Waitlist and more details here and VC website here.

Russia's Sberbank Releases ChatGPT Rival

It seems like in 2021, every major country was developing their own COVID-19 vaccine, but now it appears to be the case with AI chatbots.

Russian lender Sberbank has released a new chatbot technology called GigaChat to compete with ChatGPT, developed by Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI. GigaChat has been released in an invite-only testing mode and is said to be able to communicate more intelligently in Russian than other foreign neural networks. Sberbank has invested heavily in technology to reduce the country's reliance on imports due to sanctions imposed by Western nations over Moscow's actions in Ukraine. More details here.

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Midjourney Prompt - Realistic 3d render of a happy, furry and cute baby turtle smiling with big eyes looking straight at you, Pixar style, 32k, full body shot with a light blue background --v 4 --s 750

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