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Biden AI executive order, ChatGPT plus upgrade, Google AI investment, and more

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The White House introduced, a comprehensive website highlighting the U.S. government's endeavors and accomplishments in artificial intelligence (AI). Announced by President Biden, the website is a component of the administration's wider initiative to promote AI development and uptake in the U.S., while emphasizing its ethical and accountable use. will act as a primary resource offering information on AI safety standards, civil rights, labor impacts, and more. It includes a portal for the National AI Talent Surge aimed at swiftly onboarding technical specialists, and details on initiatives like the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative (NAII) and the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR).

Biden issues U.S.′ first AI executive order

President Joe Biden has issued a groundbreaking executive order on artificial intelligence, marking the U.S. government's inaugural regulatory move in the AI domain. The order lays down stipulations for new safety evaluations, guidance on equity and civil rights, and research concerning AI's influence on the labor sector.

This executive directive, holding the force of law, encompasses eight primary components ranging from AI safety and security standards to international cooperation on AI norms. The White House asserts that this constitutes the most robust set of global governmental actions on AI safety and trust, aiming for concrete regulation of AI's evolution.

  • Establishing new safety and security standards for AI, including obligatory sharing of safety test results by some AI firms with the government.

  • Instituting guidelines to safeguard consumer privacy in AI applications.

  • Advancing equity and civil rights, emphasizing the prevention of AI-induced discrimination and dictating AI's role in the justice system.

  • Protecting consumers by regulating AI's use in healthcare and education.

  • Addressing AI's potential labor market impacts and supporting workers affected by AI-driven market disruptions.

  • Encouraging innovation and competition, focusing on AI research grants and immigrant workers' criteria with crucial expertise.

  • Collaborating with global partners on universal AI standards.

  • Streamlining federal agencies’ procurement and application of AI, with an accelerated hiring process for AI-skilled workers.

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ChatGPT Plus upgrade

OpenAI has introduced new beta features for its ChatGPT Plus members, which now allows users to upload files and offers multimodal support. This means that users no longer need to manually select modes such as "Browse with Bing"; the system will predict the desired function based on the given context. While the multimodal feature isn't available for all Plus members yet, the Advanced Data

Analysis feature has been tested, allowing the chatbot to process files, summarize data, and even generate data visualizations after a short analysis period. Furthermore, the chatbot isn't limited to text files. Users can upload images, and through DALL-E 3, request the chatbot to modify or generate new content based on the images.

Google investing $2B in Anthropic

Anthropic has reportedly secured a significant $2 billion investment from Google, reflecting the immense interest and investments AI leaders like Anthropic and OpenAI are attracting from major tech firms. The investment breakdown, according to sources, consists of $500 million upfront and a potential additional $1.5 billion in the future, mirroring Microsoft's hefty investment in OpenAI earlier in the year. Additionally, with Amazon's purported commitment of up to $4 billion to Anthropic, it signifies the fierce competition among tech giants to secure a stake in AI frontrunners.

This surge of investments underscores a developing proxy battle among tech companies vying for association with a select few leading entities in the large language model (LLM) domain. Despite their expertise in various tech sectors, these tech behemoths recognize the challenges of rivaling the likes of OpenAI or Anthropic in the LLM space.

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