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AI research from Deloitte, Copilot for doctors, OpenAI lawsuit response, and more

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AI Literacy Act

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy Act aims to classify AI as an essential part of digital literacy and make AI literacy accessible through public schools, colleges, universities, and libraries.This requires amending the Digital Equity Act of 2021 to include AI.

The AI Literacy Act focuses on five main areas:

  1. Skill development in AI usage and understanding its concepts, applications, limitations, and ethical issues.

  2. Enhancing U.S. technological competitiveness through education and certification programs.

  3. Providing hands-on AI education in public education institutions.

  4. Promoting equity in AI education, especially for minority and rural communities, and addressing the current disparity in AI field graduates among different demographic groups.

  5. Ensuring accountability through annual reporting by the assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information.

AI Dossiers by Deloitte

Deloitte provides a comprehensive overview of practical and future AI applications across six key industries, demonstrating AI's evolution from science fiction to a vital business tool. It offers detailed use cases with summaries of relevant business challenges, AI solutions, and expected benefits.

By exploring these diverse use cases, readers can gain insights into how AI can be strategically implemented in their own organizations, helping them make informed decisions about investment in terms of time, money, and focus.

This AI Startup Investment is Winning

RAD AI has developed technology that transforms the $633B MarTech industry. Its award-winning AI tells brands who their customer is and how to best create content for them. 

1) $27M raised from 6,000+ investors, including VCs, execs at Google and Amazon. Backed by Adobe Fund for Design.

2) Dubbed “essential AI” for brands looking to attract new audiences and boost ROI. 

3) 3X revenue growth, clients include Hasbro, Sweetgreen, MGM and more.

83% Subscribed, Invest Before Feb. 16th, Closing Soon.

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement for RAD AI’s Regulation CF offering. Please read the offering circular at 

Copilot for doctors

Paris-based startup Nabla, specializing in AI technology for healthcare. Nabla's AI copilot assists doctors by taking notes and writing medical reports during consultations, using speech-to-text technology and a large language model for processing. Founded by Alexandre Lebrun, Delphine Groll, and Martin Raison, Nabla aims to support doctors without replacing them, focusing on administrative efficiency while keeping physicians in control.

Nabla combines Microsoft Azure’s speech-to-text API with its model, improving with real-world data from millions of consultations. The company envisions using more specialized models in the future, continually advancing its AI capabilities.

OpenAI’s response to NYT lawsuit

OpenAI addresses the lawsuit by The New York Times, emphasizing the company's commitment to ethical AI development and collaboration with news organizations. The company highlights its extensive use by developers and Fortune 500 companies, stressing that training AI models on publicly available content is considered fair use, and an opt-out option is provided for publishers.

OpenAI accuses The New York Times of manipulating prompts to induce regurgitation of content, which is not typical of the AI model's behavior. Despite the lawsuit, the company remains open to a constructive partnership with The New York Times and continues its commitment to collaborating with news organizations.

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