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Automating the Construction Industry

PLUS: Using sound to detect plumbing issues.

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Here’s what we got for ya today:

  • 🧷 DeepMind’s AI safety organization

  • 🧱 Dutch startup creating robots that lay bricks

  • 📑 OpenAI’s latest product launch


DeepMind announces AI Safety & Alignment organization.

Logo, Google Sydney

Google's AI research division, DeepMind, has announced the formation of a new organization for the purposes of AI safety and alignment.

The group will focus on developing safeguards for Google's Gemini models and preventing bad medical advice, child safety issues and amplification of bias.

One team within the organization will work to ensure artificial general intelligence (AGI) is safe by exploring solutions to controlling yet-to-be-realized super-intelligent AI.

Anca Dragan will lead this team as part of her role as head of algorithms for human-AI interaction at UC Berkeley alongside her consulting work with Waymo on AI safety systems.


The Dutch startup automating construction.

Monumental, a Dutch company that has developed autonomous robots for construction sites, has raised $25M in funding to expand its team and deploy more robots across Europe. 

The machines are designed to work on rough terrain and address labour shortages and rising costs in the sector. They can place bricks with human-level precision and efficiency in both industrial or residential walls.

Following pilot tests in the Netherlands, Monumental completed its first large-scale facade last year for an office warehouse building before being deployed on other projects as a subcontractor.

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OpenAI releases new Forum initiative.

OpenAI has launched the OpenAI Forum a new initiative that aims to bring together domain experts and students to discuss, collaborate on, and shape the present and future of AI.

The forum features events such as in-person meet-ups, technical talks, educational webinars, expert roundtable conversations, and plenty of opportunities for members (including OpenAI researchers) to network cross-pollinate ideas.

Members who express interest will be invited to participate in activities for which they are compensated that directly impact OpenAI models such as model evaluations or evaluation set creation. The community aims to build an ecosystem of collaborators that help achieve the mission of building AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that benefits all humanity.

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