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ChatGPT Plus is back, Gemini Pro for developers, Tesla humanoid, and more

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  • 🦾 Tesla Optimus - Gen 2 humanoid

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OpenAI gets access more training content

Axel Springer, the publisher of media outlets like Business Insider and Politico, announced a partnership with OpenAI, allowing ChatGPT to summarize its current articles, including content from behind paywalls. This deal, which is not exclusive and spans several years, enables ChatGPT users worldwide to access summaries of global news from Axel Springer's brands, with links to full articles for transparency.

The move contrasts with other media companies like CNN, the New York Times, and Disney, who have restricted their content from AI crawlers. This partnership, deemed the first of its kind by Axel Springer's CEO Mathias Döpfner, aims to explore AI-powered journalism and its potential to enhance journalism's quality and business model.

OpenAI reopens ChatGPT Plus subscriptions

OpenAI recently reopened subscriptions for ChatGPT Plus, eliminating the waitlist that was in place since the closure following DevDay, their developers' conference. The re-enablement of the service was announced by CEO Sam Altman, attributing the expansion to the acquisition of more Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 a month, offers users access to the more advanced GPT-4 model, which includes internet browsing capabilities through Bing, image generation with DALL-E 3, and advanced data analysis. Subscribers also get access to My GPTs, which are custom AI chatbots powered by GPT-4 and plugins. Meanwhile, non-subscribers can still use the free version of ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3.5, for text generation tasks.

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Google Gemini Pro developer access

Google announced that its advanced artificial intelligence program, Gemini, which was unveiled last week, will now be available in a preview version for users of its AI Studio programming tool and Vertex AI, a fully managed programming tool for enterprises running on Google Cloud.

Gemini will also be integrated into Duet AI, Google's AI-enhanced coding tool, in the coming weeks. During a press briefing, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian highlighted Gemini's training on Google's custom AI chip, the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), and the release of TPU v5p, offering four times the performance of the existing v4 chips.

Tesla Optimus - Gen 2 humanoid

Tesla unveiled a demonstration video of its latest humanoid robot prototype, Optimus Gen 2, showcasing significant advancements from its initial presentation over a year ago. The video, claimed to be free of any CGI enhancements, shows the robot performing tasks like walking, crouching, and delicately handling objects, highlighting features such as improved balance, enhanced actuators and sensors, a lighter design, and more sophisticated hands with tactile sensing.

Despite these advancements, the Optimus Gen 2 remains a prototype, not intended for production or sale. It represents Tesla's vision of creating robots capable of replacing human labor in various tasks, designed to mimic human shape and size.

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