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ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak

AI tool for genetic mutations, Amazon and Anthropic, Spotify voice translator, and more

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  • 👀 ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak

  • 🧬 AI tool classifies genetic mutations

  • 🤝 Amazon to invest $4 billion in Anthropic

  • 🗣️ Spotify AI voice translation feature

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ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak

OpenAI has introduced new features for ChatGPT, including the ability for users to engage in voice conversations with the AI-powered chatbot. This feature allows users to have interactive voice interactions with ChatGPT, similar to Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri voice assistants. Users can request things like bedtime stories for their families or settle dinner table debates through voice conversations with ChatGPT. In a demo, ChatGPT was shown generating a story about a "super-duper sunflower hedgehog named Larry" and responding to questions about the story, showcasing its human-like voice capabilities. OpenAI's text-to-speech model powers ChatGPT's voice capabilities, and the company collaborated with professional voice actors to create five different voices for the chatbot.

Additionally, OpenAI is rolling out a feature that allows ChatGPT to respond to prompts featuring images. Users can take a picture of their fridge's contents and ask ChatGPT to help them come up with a meal plan using the available ingredients. The chatbot can also focus on specific parts of an image using a drawing tool in the app. These new features will be available within the next two weeks for paying subscribers of ChatGPT's Plus and Enterprise services, with subscriptions for the Plus service priced at $20 a month.

AI tool classifies genetic mutations

AlphaMissense, an AI tool developed using AlphaFold, can classify the effects of 71 million 'missense' mutations. These mutations involve single-letter changes in DNA that affect protein function. AlphaMissense accurately categorized 89% of these mutations as likely pathogenic or benign, outperforming human experts who have only confirmed 0.1% of them. This AI tool accelerates research in genetics, making it easier to prioritize resources for studying diseases. It's freely available to researchers, offering a substantial resource for understanding genetic diseases.

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Amazon to invest $4 billion in Anthropic

Amazon is set to invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic as part of its strategy to compete with tech giants like Microsoft, Meta, Google, and Nvidia in the rapidly growing AI sector. Initially, Amazon will invest $1.25 billion for a minority stake in Anthropic, with an option to increase its investment to the total of $4 billion. Anthropic, which already counts Google as an investor, recently launched its premium subscription plan for chatbot Claude 2 and plans to develop an advanced AI model, referred to as "Claude-Next," with capabilities ten times greater than today's most powerful AI.

However, Anthropic anticipates a substantial investment of one billion dollars over the next 18 months to achieve this goal. Amazon's investment not only brings substantial financial backing but also provides compute power for AI model development and access to a broad customer base. Anthropic will rely on Amazon's AWS cloud services for mission-critical tasks, including safety research and future model development. This collaboration is expected to enhance customer experiences and leverage AWS's capabilities, such as Amazon Bedrock and AWS Trainium, to build generative AI applications.

Spotify AI voice translation feature

Spotify is introducing an AI-powered voice translation feature that allows podcasters to instantly translate their content into other languages using their own voice. The platform has collaborated with select podcasters to initially translate English-language episodes into Spanish, with plans to add French and German translations in the near future. Spotify's translation feature is underpinned by OpenAI's Whisper, which not only transcribes English speech but also translates languages into English. Additionally, it goes beyond text-to-speech translation by reproducing the podcast in a synthesized version of the podcaster's own voice, enhancing authenticity for global listeners.

Spotify has not disclosed specific plans for wider availability or expansion, possibly due to safety and privacy considerations associated with such AI-driven capabilities.

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