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Chipotle's new chef: a burrito-bot 🌯

A.I can design robots, A.I. in healthcare, 3 1/2 day work week, and more

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Welcome to Daily Zaps — Here’s what we got for you today: 🙌

  • 🌯 Chipotle testing robots to automate food prep

  • 🤖 A.I. designs new robot from scratch

  • 🩻 Generative A.I. in healthcare

  • 🥳 A.I. could bring 3½-day workweek

  • 🔗 Other tech news

Let’s get right into it!

Chipotle testing robots to automate food prep

Chipotle is testing an automated foot prep robots from Hyphen. This system automates the creation of bowls and salads, while Chipotle employees manually prepare burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and kid's meals. When a digital order is placed, if it includes a bowl or salad, the order is processed by Hyphen's automated system, which accurately portions each ingredient. For other items, a Chipotle team member prepares them.

Approximately 65% of Chipotle's digital orders are bowls or salads, so this system could significantly improve the workflow, allowing employees to focus on customer service and other tasks. Chipotle's investment in Hyphen is part of its CULTIVATE NEXT venture fund, a $50 million initiative to invest in companies that align with Chipotle's mission and growth plans. The fund also invested in VEBU, which co-developed the AUTOCADO, a prototype robot that processes avocados for Chipotle's guacamole.

A.I. designs new robot from scratch

Researchers from Northwestern University have pioneered an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of designing robots autonomously. Given a simple task to design a robot that can walk on a flat surface, the AI rapidly conceptualized a functional design within seconds, a process that took nature billions of years to achieve through evolution. Unlike other AI systems that rely on vast datasets and supercomputers, this AI operates on a standard personal computer and innovates beyond human-inspired designs.

When tasked to design a walking robot, the AI, without any human input, evolved a design from a stationary block to a walking entity in just 26 seconds. Interestingly, the AI's design included legs, a universally efficient means of terrestrial movement, but with an unconventional three-legged and porous design. The researchers transformed the AI's digital design into a physical robot using 3D printing and silicone rubber, which successfully replicated the walking motion.

Harness the Power of AI

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This learning experience is perfect for those looking to upskill and set themselves apart. Upon completion, you will be prepared to lead AI conversations — and initiatives — to bring about key results for organizations. 

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Generative A.I. in healthcare

The potential of AI in healthcare is vast, from achieving precision medicine to reducing administrative burdens on clinicians, leading to more accurate and faster diagnoses. However, this rapid integration comes with significant challenges. The American Medical Association's 2022 survey revealed that 18% of physicians are already using augmented intelligence for practice efficiencies, and 16% for clinical applications. Within a year, these numbers are expected to rise to 39% and 36%, respectively.

Ethical pitfalls, such as biased data leading to poor patient outcomes and AI systems generating false information, highlight the importance of careful and responsible integration. Additionally, concerns about patient data privacy, consent, and the "black box" nature of AI algorithms underscore the need for transparency and human oversight in AI-driven healthcare solutions.

A.I. could bring 3½-day workweek

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is optimistic about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), foreseeing it as a catalyst for a shorter workweek. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Dimon mentioned that AI is extensively utilized across the bank's operations, from research and trading to customer service. While acknowledging that AI will inevitably replace certain jobs, he emphasized that technology has always led to job displacement.

In case you’re interested — we’ve got a bunch of cool AI tools listed over at Daily Zaps AI hub. If you have any cool tools to share, feel free to submit them or get in touch with us by replying to this email.

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