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Daily Zaps AI Tools and Resources Directory

Does the world really need yet another AI tools directory? Hmm, probably not. But are we going to release one anyway? Heck yeah, we are! Check it out here.

We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest AI tools and resources, but sometimes we miss out on some real gems. So, we need your help! We're calling on all of our readers to submit their favorite AI tools using our online form. Don't worry, we'll weed out any spammy submissions and showcase the cream of the crop in our directory. Let's join forces to create the ultimate AI tools directory!

Microsoft Working on Own AI Chips

The company with the most GPUs wins the AI race so it makes sense that Microsoft is working on creating its own AI chips that can be used to train large language models. The company has been secretly developing these chips since 2019, and some of its employees are already testing them to see how they perform. Currently, Nvidia is the main supplier of AI server chips, but Microsoft hopes to avoid relying on expensive Nvidia chips and save money by building its own AI chips. Microsoft's project is called Athena, and while it's not clear if these chips will be available to the public, the company plans to make them available to its employees and OpenAI as early as next year. More info here.

Microsoft’s custom SQ1 processor

Meta Open Sources Vision Model DINOv2

DINOv2 is a new way to teach computers to see pictures. It's a special method that doesn't need lots of labels or descriptions to work well. Like learning to read by seeing lots of words, DINOv2 learns by looking at lots of pictures. It's really flexible, so it can be used to help computers with lots of different tasks, like telling objects apart in pictures or finding things in a photo. It's also really good at some tasks that were hard for computers to do before, like figuring out how far away objects are from the camera. DINOv2 is special because it doesn't need extra help to be good at lots of different tasks, and it doesn't need to be taught for each task separately. More details here and a demo.

DINOv2 detecting dog running

Raspberry Pi Foundation Launches Experience AI

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and DeepMind have developed Experience AI, a free educational program that offers cutting-edge resources on artificial intelligence and machine learning for teachers and students aged 11-14. The program aims to support teachers in the exciting and fast-moving area of AI and machine learning while getting young people passionate about the subject. By understanding AI, young people will be better equipped to engage with the world around them, make informed decisions about using and creating AI applications, and choose what role AI will play in their futures. The program includes a set of free lessons that have everything teachers need to deliver AI and machine learning sessions in their secondary school classroom. More details here plus video below.

X Corp. (formerly, Twitter, Inc.)

Twitter has officially changed its name to X Corp. as billionaire chief, Elon Musk, continues to transform the social media company towards his ultimate vision of the X “everything app”. The company emailed its partners to use the new name in all official dealings, while its terms of service now list “X Corp.” as the official name. However, Twitter will remain the name of the social media site. Musk aims to transform Twitter into an all-in-one app, similar to China's WeChat, offering mobile payments and social media under one umbrella. The move follows a corporate reshuffling, including a shift in incorporation from Delaware to Nevada. More info here and go here for breakdown on how Musk merged various companies together.Someone: We can't handle the TruthGPT….Elon: You might be right

Check out Dropchat - it's like having a super smart and knowledgeable friend to chat with anytime. With Dropchat, I can chat with books, files, websites, and even YouTube videos instantly. It's pretty cool - see a short demo below using Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Cool A.I. Tools, News and Demos

The world of AI and machine learning is moving incredibly fast, and it's tough to keep up with all the cool new developments! Here are some of the most exciting AI-powered tools and news.

100% A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Midjourney Prompt - Modern living room, white furniture, floor-to-ceiling window, in the style of realistic and hyper-detailed renderings, unreal engine 5, light bronze and beige, panoramic scale, minimalist staging, biedermeier, high quality photo --ar 3:2 --v 5

A.I. Meme of the Day

Self-prompting AI projects like BabyAGI, AutoGPT, ChaosGPT and Legion-GPT, and AgentGPT look amazing but I'm already dreading the Twitter threads that are going to try and “explain them to me”. 🤢

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