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  • Department of Homeland Security is in desperate need of AI experts

Department of Homeland Security is in desperate need of AI experts

DHS AI Corps, YouTube CEO letter, IBM leading AI patent race, AI in healthcare, and more

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Here’s what we got for ya today:

  • 💼 DHS AI Corps is looking to hire 50 AI experts

  • 🎥 AI takes top spot in YouTube CEO’s annual letter

  • 🏛 IBM leads AI patent race

  • 💉 AI doctors and chatbot nurses?

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Department of Homeland Security looking to hire 50 AI experts

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is actively seeking 50 technology experts to join its newly unveiled DHS AI Corps, focusing on artificial intelligence to address urgent needs within the government.

This recruitment drive, initiated by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer Eric Hysen, aims to leverage AI in tackling key challenges such as countering fentanyl, combating child sexual exploitation and abuse, improving immigration services, securing travel, fortifying critical infrastructure, and enhancing cybersecurity.

The positions, which offer high pay within the General Schedule and the convenience of being fully remote, highlight the government's effort to attract top talent in a competitive field.

Jobs posting here in case you want to apply!


AI takes top spot in YouTube CEO’s annual letter

YouTube is redefining the intersection of traditional TV and digital streaming under the leadership of CEO Neal Mohan, showcasing a shift towards a more integrated viewing experience where over a billion global users are watching YouTube content on their TV screens, echoing the communal essence of traditional TV.

YouTube's initiative includes pioneering AI experiments like Dream Screen and the Music AI Incubator, designed to democratize creative expression and empower creators at all levels. These efforts are complemented by the platform's significant subscription growth, including YouTube TV's 8 million subscribers and a collective surpassing of 100 million subscribers for its premium services.

With a focus on child safety and combating misinformation, particularly regarding AI-generated deepfakes, YouTube is dedicated to maintaining a safe and engaging content ecosystem.


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IBM leads AI patent race

Artificial intelligence (AI) has propelled tech giants like IBM, Google, and Microsoft to the forefront of GenAI patent applications, as revealed by a recent study from IFI Claims, a leading patent data provider. IBM, with 1,591 applications, notably outpaces its competitors, holding three times more than Google in second place, while other key players like Samsung, Adobe, Intel, Capital One, and Baidu also make the top 10 list.

This surge in patent filings, particularly in generative AI (GenAI), reflects the intense research and innovation efforts within the sector, with GenAI applications growing at a compound annual rate of 31 percent over the past five years. Despite its pioneering role in AI development, OpenAI, known for ChatGPT, surprisingly ranks outside the top 25, holding just one patent application, suggesting possible reliance on trade secrets or pending public filings.


AI doctors and chatbot nurses?

AI has the potential to significantly reduce clinician burden and enhance patient experiences, as suggested by Peter Lee of Microsoft, who envisions AI as a "universal translator" for health information. Real-world applications already demonstrate AI's positive impact, such as in the case of Saint Luke's Health System, which saw improved outcomes in sepsis treatment through AI, leading to reduced mortality rates and better compliance with care protocols.

Moreover, AI has shown promise in enhancing the patient-provider relationship and improving medical imaging and research. Thus, while caution is necessary, it's crucial to view AI more as an ally than a threat, leveraging its potential to transform healthcare positively.

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