GPT app store launching next week

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GPT app store launching next week

OpenAI is set to launch its GPT Store next week, a platform where users can sell and share AI agents created using OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. Initially announced in November at a developers conference, the store enables ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers to design custom ChatGPT-style chatbots for various purposes, like explaining memes or assisting in negotiations. Despite initial delays due to a busy period at OpenAI, including the firing and rehiring of CEO Sam Altman, the launch is now imminent.

The store aims to provide a space for creators to monetize their GPT creations, with OpenAI planning to compensate creators based on the usage of their AI agents, though details of this plan are yet to be fully disclosed. The upcoming launch was communicated to GPT Builders via email, urging them to ensure their creations align with brand guidelines and to make them public.

Robot Constitution

DeepMind's robotics team has introduced three innovative technologies aimed at improving robotic decision-making and safety. Their advancements include AutoRT, a data-gathering system that employs a visual language model (VLM) and a large language model (LLM) to help robots understand and adapt to their surroundings while executing tasks safely.

Inspired by Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics," a "Robot Constitution" sets safety-focused prompts for the LLM to avoid tasks involving humans or dangerous objects. Additionally, DeepMind has enhanced safety with automatic stops for excessive joint force and a manual kill switch. Over seven months, they tested 53 AutoRT robots in office settings, conducting over 77,000 trials, some autonomously with Google's RT-2 AI model.

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Galaxy AI smartphones

Samsung is gearing up to challenge Apple's dominance in the smartphone market with the announcement of its new Galaxy phones in San Jose on January 17. Holding 20% of the global smartphone market and 25% of the U.S. market, Samsung's latest devices are expected to provide an innovative AI-powered mobile experience. These new Galaxy phones, likely the Galaxy S24 series, are anticipated to incorporate Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon chips, which enable advanced on-device AI capabilities without the need for an internet connection.

This includes running compact AI applications like ChatGPT locally for enhanced privacy and generating images from text prompts, mirroring features similar to those powered by Google's Tensor G3 chip in the Pixel 8 Pro.

AI keyboard key

Microsoft is pushing forward the integration of AI into everyday computing by announcing a new Copilot key for keyboards, aiming to make 2024 the "year of the AI PC." This key will be situated between the right Alt key and the left arrow key, replacing the right Control key, and will invoke the Copilot in Windows experience, simplifying user interaction with AI features.

For places where Copilot isn't available, the key will default to launching Windows Search. This addition, set to debut at CES in Las Vegas with shipping expected in late February, is the most significant alteration to the Windows keyboard since the introduction of the Windows key in 1994. Microsoft envisions this as a pivotal step in enhancing AI experiences on PCs, leveraging local processing power for AI tasks. Existing keyboards will remain functional, with potential customization options allowing the right Control key to mimic the Copilot key's functions.

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