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How AI helped train Amazon’s palm scan payment technology

Dot A.I. domain name gold rush, AI personal assistants, AI can smell, and more

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  • ✋🏼 How AI helped train Amazon’s palm scan payment technology

  • 🌴 This tropical island is cashing in on dot ai domain names

  • 🤖 Everybody will have their own AI-powered personal assistant

  • 👃🏼 AI can predicts a chemical’s smell

  • 🔗 Other tech news

  • 🖼 AI generated image of the day

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How AI helped train Amazon’s palm scan payment technology

Amazon One is being introduced in over 500 Whole Foods Market stores and other locations, recognizing unique palm features using infrared light and vein patterns to create a secure palm signature for identification.

Amazon One's applications extend beyond payments, encompassing loyalty programs and age verification. The innovation's privacy-centric design ensures it operates outside normal light spectrum, respecting customer privacy by not using palm information for identification.

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This tropical island is cashing in on dot ai domain names

The Caribbean island of Anguilla, famous for its natural beauty, has unexpectedly become a digital hotspot due to its control over internet addresses ending in .ai. Previously overlooked, this domain has surged in popularity among artificial intelligence (AI) startups and tech giants alike. Notable names like Stability.ai, Elon Musk's X.ai, and Character.ai have secured .ai domains. The total registrations for .ai domains have doubled to 287,432 in the past year, generating an estimated $30 million in domain registration fees for Anguilla in 2023.

The island's .ai domains gained prominence after the rise of artificial intelligence in various industries, evident from the demand for catchy and brand-relevant web addresses. The island's economy, reliant on tourism, experienced a boost in revenue due to the increased demand for .ai domains and the planned rise in registration fees.

Everybody will have their own AI-powered personal assistant


Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and current CEO of Inflection AI, predicts that within the next five years, everyone will have their own AI-powered personal assistants. He believes that as AI technology becomes more affordable and widespread, people will have access to smart AI assistants that "know" them, understand their personal history, and help manage their daily lives. Suleyman envisions AI assistants that can reason, prioritize tasks, aid in creativity, and serve as companions.

He likens these AI assistants to "chiefs of staff" that intimately understand individuals' interests, manage their information needs, and assist with decision-making. Suleyman believes that AI's role will extend beyond personal assistance, impacting various aspects of people's lives, much like how the internet transformed society. This perspective aligns with the views of other tech leaders like Bill Gates and Tim Cook, who recognize the revolutionary potential of AI to simplify tasks and enhance productivity across different domains.

AI can predicts a chemical’s smell


An artificial intelligence (AI) system has been created to describe smells based on their molecular structures, often producing similar descriptions to those given by trained human smell testers. The system, developed by Osmo, a startup derived from Google Research, uses a neural network to assign words like 'fruity' or 'grassy' to around 5,000 odorants according to their chemical makeup. The AI's descriptions closely matched human responses, suggesting it could help design new scents and offer insights into how the human brain perceives smells.

The AI identified connections between specific chemical patterns and certain smells, forming a principal odour map (POM). This POM was tested against human data, where 15 volunteers matched words to smells. The AI's predictions aligned well with human responses, indicating potential uses in industries like food and cleaning products.

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Other Links We Thought Were Cool 🔗

100% A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Here is a Midjourney image if it was a palm reader 🖐🏼

MJ Prompt - hand palm prints that would indicate a long life line

Yikes - even MJ isn’t perfect

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