How hackers are using ChatGPT

Uber Eats and Door Dash adding AI, Poe adds more LLMs, Youtube Shorts algorithm, and more

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  • 🚨 How hackers are using ChatGPT

  • 🍟 Uber Eats and DoorDash adding AI powered ordering

  • 🐦‍⬛ Poe for Mac now available for download

  • 🤖 How Googlebot handles AI generated content

  • 🎥 YouTube Shorts algorithm — explained

  • 🔗 Other tech news

  • 🖼 AI generated image of the day

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How hackers are using ChatGPT

The report indicates an 8% rise in cyberattacks, the highest surge in two years. Criminals have leveraged new AI technologies to develop phishing emails, keystroke monitoring malware, and ransomware code, intensifying the threats.Previously time-consuming tasks are now streamlined, leading to greater productivity for cybercriminals.

Uber Eats and DoorDash adding AI powered ordering

Uber Eats is reportedly developing an AI-driven chatbot to provide users with recommendations and streamline order placement. Discovered within the Uber Eats app's hidden code by developer Steve Moser, the chatbot will inquire about budget and food preferences, assisting in order placement. The public launch date remains undisclosed. Although Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi confirmed the AI chatbot's development, specific details were not shared.

This initiative aligns with the trend of delivery apps integrating AI into their services, as seen with DoorDash's AI-powered voice ordering and Instacart's AI search tool. The incorporation of AI-enhanced features reflects the industry's drive to offer personalized and efficient services to users.

Poe for Mac now available for download

Poe (by Quora) offers access to major AI LLMs in a single place, serving as a hub for various AI-driven capabilities. If you're unable to access tools like ChatGPT and other AI resources, a lesser-known solution is, where you can tap into these advanced language models without paying a dime.

Users of Poe can now engage in threaded conversations, allowing them to have organized discussions with multiple simultaneous interactions or continue ongoing conversations. Additionally, a bot search function has been implemented to enhance the user experience. A new custom temperature feature for prompt bots has been introduced, empowering users to adjust the level of response creativity by controlling temperature values.

Notably, three new bots powered by Llama 2, a language model developed by Meta, have been integrated into Poe.

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How Googlebot handles AI generated content

Google's Martin Splitt delved into how Googlebot handles the rising influx of AI-generated content. The insights were shared during a webinar on webpage rendering and quality control. Martin clarified that Googlebot's rendering process mirrors that of browsers, encompassing HTML, images, CSS, and JavaScript.

Addressing the audience's query on whether the surge in AI content affects Google's rendering capacity during crawling, Martin emphasized Google's commitment to quality detection across stages, asserting that rendering is not significantly compromised by AI-generated content. This sheds light on Google's existing measures to assess content quality, encompassing both human and AI-generated content, reflecting its consistent approach to maintaining webpage standards.

YouTube Shorts algorithm — explained

YouTube's Todd Sherman, who leads the Shorts product, explained how the Shorts algorithm functions. The interview aimed to clarify misconceptions among creators and differentiate the algorithm for Shorts from that used for longer videos. Sherman stressed the importance of creating content with the audience in mind and highlighted key differences in video length, customization, and the concept of a 'view.'

The conversation also covered topics like hashtags, posting frequency, and the longevity of Shorts. Sherman emphasized that, similar to long-form videos, the primary goal of both Shorts and long-form algorithms is to connect viewers with valuable content. The interview provided insights into the unique workings of the Shorts algorithm, particularly its relevance in the short-form content format, where viewers often discover videos by swiping through a feed.

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100% A.I. Generated Image of the Day

To celebrate International Whale Shark Day — here is a Midjourney image 🦈

MJ Prompt - Whale shark breaching sea and trying to eat a small boat.

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