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  • 🤣 Kamala Harris Can't Explain A.I.

🤣 Kamala Harris Can't Explain A.I.

White House Interferes with AI, Google's Genesis, and Copilot X

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  • 🛫 GitHub introduces Copilot X

  • 😡 White House steps in to control A.I. companies

  • 🏃‍♂️ Dave Willner abandons OpenAI during crucial time

  • ✏️ Google tests A.I. news article writer Genesis

  • 🤣 Vice President Kamala Harris hilariously fails explaining A.I.

  • ⚡️ Other tech news

  • 🖼️ A.I. generated image of the day

GitHub Introduces Copilot X

GitHub finally launched Copilot X beta. It uses advanced AI technology called GPT-4 to help developers in a more natural way. Now, it can have conversations with developers and understand their prompts to do complex tasks quickly. This will save a lot of time and make the coding experience easier and more productive for everyone, regardless of their skill level. They are starting a beta version for businesses using Visual Studio and VS Code. It's a big step towards making coding more accessible and enjoyable for all developers.

White House Steps in Order to Control A.I. Companies

The Biden administration prioritizes responsible AI development and has engaged in meetings with top tech companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Anthropic to ensure that AI benefits society while protecting public safety, rights, and democratic values. These companies voluntarily agreed to follow eight measures for safety, security, and social responsibility, including testing AI models for harmful behavior, investing in cybersecurity, and addressing biases and inappropriate uses. They also pledged to flag societal risks, share safety information with each other and the government, and use watermarking to differentiate AI-generated content. Acknowledging the complexities of regulating AI, the administration introduced bills in Congress to address AI-related concerns. This voluntary agreement represents a crucial step toward responsible AI development and aims to harness AI's potential benefits while safeguarding the interests and well-being of the public in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Source: Getty Images

Dave Willner Abandons OpenAI During Crucial Time

Dave Willner, who was head of trust and safety at OpenAI, has left his job and moved to an advisory role to spend more time with his family. This comes at a critical time for the AI world, as there are many questions about how to regulate AI and ensure safety and responsibility. OpenAI is committed to being an aware and responsible player in the field. Willner had a long career, previously working on trust and safety teams at Facebook and Airbnb. At Facebook, he was involved in debates about handling controversial content, like Holocaust denial posts. Now, the AI industry needs strong policies to ensure responsible use and prevent misuse of AI technologies.

Open AI’s former head of trust: Dave Willner

Google Test A.I. News Article Writer Genesis

Google is testing a new product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create news stories. They've pitched this tool to news organizations like The New York Times and The Washington Post. The AI tool, known as Genesis, can take in information about current events and generate news content. Google sees it as a personal assistant for journalists, automating some tasks to save time, but some find it unsettling. Google insists that the tool won't replace journalists but could help with headlines and writing styles. News organizations are debating whether to use AI in their newsrooms, but there are concerns about accuracy and misinformation.

Vice President Kamala Harris Hilariously Fails Explaining A.I.

Vice President Kamala Harris tried to explain artificial intelligence (AI) but ended up being mocked after a video of her went viral. She called AI a "fancy thing" and tried to clarify it's about machine learning. People on Twitter compared her explanation to a 6th-grade essay on AI and said she speaks like she's talking to 3rd graders. One person even joked that it sounds like Bart Simpson's book report on Treasure Island. The clip got over 800,000 views and left Harris feeling a little embarrassed.

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Other Tech News

100% A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Lexica Prompt -Two soldiers, one German and one French, sit side by side on a tree branch, smoking from a shared pipe. The setting is the battlefield of the first World War, with discarded helmets from both sides scattered around them. The image is depicted in a vintage 90's anime style, with richly detailed lines, reminiscent of the works of Kaethe Butcher, Hajime Sorayama, Greg Tocchini, and Virgil Finlay. The atmosphere is peaceful, contrasting with the brutal reality of war

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