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Landmark AI agreement by 28+ countries

Chatbot creator economy, Linkedin reach 1 bilion users, M3 chip, and more

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Landmark AI agreement by 28+ countries

For the first time, 28 nations, led by the UK and including major powers like the US, China, and the European Union, convened at Bletchley Park to discuss frontier AI, a domain recognized for its urgent and potentially dangerous risks. These nations, which also encompass countries from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, reached a landmark agreement, termed the Bletchley Declaration on AI safety.

The primary objective is to promote a joint global effort in understanding the risks, promoting international collaboration on AI safety, and advancing scientific research, especially when it comes to potential threats like cybersecurity, biotechnology, and disinformation risks.

Get paid to make AI chatbots

Quora's AI chatbot platform, Poe, has introduced a program to financially compensate bot creators, marking one of the initial endeavors to reward AI bot development. Launched last week, the initiative offers two income avenues for bot creators. Firstly, when a bot leads to a Poe subscription, Quora shares a portion of the revenue with the bot's creator. The second method, set to launch soon, allows bot creators to charge a per-message fee that Quora will cover.

Currently, the bot creator monetization scheme is exclusive to U.S. users, with payments up to $20 for each user who subscribes via a creator's bot. Quora anticipates this program will empower smaller firms or AI research groups to develop bots accessible to the public. Quora's CEO, Adam D’Angelo, envisions vast opportunities in this emerging market, covering areas from tutoring to media generation.

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Linkedin AI chatbot for job finding

LinkedIn introduced an AI-driven chatbot termed as a "job seeker coach" and revealed additional generative AI tools for its Premium subscribers, coinciding with the announcement of the platform reaching 1 billion members. Developed using OpenAI’s GPT-4, the chatbot, which began rolling out to some Premium members, helps users evaluate the suitability of job applications.

The chatbot offers insights by analyzing users' profiles to questions like “Am I a good fit for this job?” and also highlights any experience gaps. The chatbot also aids users in identifying potential employees at a company, allowing them to inquire further about job opportunities. These features come as the company seeks to boost its revenue growth after several quarters of deceleration.

Apple M3 chip and AI

With the release of the M3 chip, Apple announced that the Neural Engine in the M3 is considerably faster than its predecessor in the M1 series, enhancing A.I./ML processes while ensuring data remains on the device for privacy. The M3 Max's enhanced memory capacity facilitates tasks previously unimaginable on a laptop, such as handling vast transformer models with billions of parameters.

This positions Apple's new MacBook Pros not just as consumer devices but also as tools for A.I. developers. This change in narrative is significant. The reasons for this change might be twofold: Apple's methodical product planning that doesn't easily sway with industry trends and the introduction of the M3 chips, which offers a genuine advancement in performance, enabling developers to achieve unprecedented feats.

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