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Musicians vs. AI: A Call for Ethics

Edit DALL·E images, Amazon Fresh too techie for some, Apple Vision Pro personas, Meta brain drain, and more

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  • 🗣️ Musicians vs. AI: A Call for Ethics

  • 🎨 Edit Images You Create With DALL·E

  • 🛒 Amazon Ditches Cashierless Checkout

  • 🥽 Apple Vision Pro Personas

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Musicians vs. AI: A Call for Ethics

In a unified stand against the unethical application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry, over 200 prominent musicians, including contemporary stars like Billie Eilish, J Balvin, and Nicki Minaj, as well as legendary figures and the estates of icons such as Stevie Wonder, REM, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Marley, have endorsed an open letter issued by the Artist Rights Alliance. This letter demands that tech companies commit to not developing AI technologies that could replace or diminish the role of human artists and songwriters.

While not advocating for a total ban on AI in music, citing its potential benefits when used responsibly, the letter highlights the dangers of AI in infringing on copyright, diluting royalties, and potentially replacing human creativity with AI-generated content. This movement is part of a broader industry backlash against AI's role in content creation, underscored by recent legislative actions like Tennessee's "Elvis Act" and concerns over AI's impact on the music ecosystem and artists' rights.


Edit Images You Create With DALL·E

The recently updated DALL·E editor interface now allows users to edit images they've created by either selecting a portion of the image and describing desired changes through chat or by inputting edit prompts directly in the conversation panel. Accessible through a simple click on a DALL·E-generated image, this interface provides tools for highlighting areas to be edited, with options to add, remove, or alter parts of the image based on user prompts.

Features like changing the selection tool size, undoing/redoing selections, and a clear selection option enhance user control. For instance, prompts can specify adding cherry blossoms, removing objects, or altering expressions, with the ability to save edits directly.


UK & United States Announce AI Agreement

The U.S. and U.K. governments have forged a historic agreement to collaborate on artificial intelligence (AI) safety, marking the first formal international cooperation aimed at addressing the emerging risks of AI technologies. Signed by U.K. Science Minister Michelle Donelan and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the agreement focuses on sharing knowledge, talent, and technical expertise between the newly established U.K. AI Safety Institute (AISI) and its upcoming U.S. counterpart.

Inspired by the successful intelligence collaboration between the GCHQ and NSA, this partnership seeks to lead global efforts in AI safety by evaluating AI models from tech giants like OpenAI and Google, while also navigating the thin line between fostering innovation and imposing necessary regulations.


Amazon Ditches Cashierless Checkout

Surprise: sometimes tech is too much, as evidenced by Amazon's decision to phase out its cashierless Just Walk Out (JWO) technology at its Fresh supermarkets in the U.S. Despite its innovative approach to shopping, allowing customers to avoid checkout lines through a sophisticated system of cameras and sensors, Amazon is shifting its focus towards enhancing the customer experience in other ways. The company is now prioritizing Dash Carts, which similarly reduce checkout times but offer additional benefits like helping shoppers find deals and track spending in real-time.

While JWO technology will continue to be a feature in Amazon's Go stores and smaller Fresh locations in the U.K., as well as being available to third parties, Amazon's strategic adjustment reflects a broader reconsideration of its grocery strategy, aiming for an optimal blend of technology, value, and customer satisfaction.


Apple Vision Pro Personas

Vision Pro users gain an enhanced interactive experience with the introduction of "spatial Persona" for SharePlay-enabled apps, allowing for collaborative activities, gaming, and media viewing in a virtual shared space. This update, aimed at making users feel as though they're in the same room, builds on developer previews from last year and is now accessible in the Persona beta.

With features like individual control over objects without affecting others' views and spatial audio to enhance the sensation of physical presence, the update promises a more immersive interaction. To activate this feature, users need VisionOS 1.1 and can engage in spatial Persona sessions with up to five participants during a FaceTime call.

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