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AI generated music playlists, Visa's A.I. investment plans, Google antitrust trial, and more

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  • 🗣️ Microsoft C.E.O. testifies against Google

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New way to train A.I. robots

Robots are usually designed to do one specific task well. But what if they could do many tasks? A group of researchers from Google DeepMind and several universities have created a collection of robot data called the Open X-Embodiment dataset. Using this data, they made a new robot model called RT-1-X that can do many tasks better than robots designed for just one task.

This new collection of robot data is very detailed, with information on over 500 different skills. The new robot model, RT-X, learns from this data and can do many tasks better than older models. For example, a robot using the RT-2-X model can understand if it should place an apple "near" or "on" a cloth by just changing one word in its instruction. The researchers hope that by sharing this data and robot model, more people can make better robots in the future.

Spotify developing A.I. generated playlists

Spotify is reportedly exploring the development of AI-powered playlists, as evidenced by references found in the app's code that suggest the creation of generative AI playlists based on user prompts. These findings were shared by tech veteran Chris Messina, who highlighted code snippets referring to "AI playlists" and "playlists based on your prompts."

Messina's discoveries indicate that these new AI playlists might be constructed using prompts and could potentially be linked to Spotify's Blend feature, which combines the musical tastes of different users. The code suggests that users might be able to collaborate on creating AI playlists. Although these features are still in the development phase, it underscores Spotify's interest in leveraging AI for music personalization.

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Visa plans to invest $100M in AI companies

Visa has revealed plans to invest $100 million in companies focused on generative AI technologies that could influence the future of commerce and payments. This investment initiative will be carried out through Visa Ventures, the company's global corporate investment division that has been operational for 16 years.

David Rolf, head of Visa Ventures, highlighted that while they anticipate making several smaller investments, they are also open to larger investments if justified. Visa's primary interest lies in companies that leverage generative AI to address challenges in commerce, payments, and fintech, ensuring they align with Visa's responsible AI use policies.

Microsoft C.E.O. testifies against Google

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, testified in a landmark antitrust trial against Google, asserting that Google's dominance in online search is so profound that even Microsoft struggles to compete. He highlighted Google's multibillion-dollar deals to remain the default search engine on smartphones and web browsers, making it challenging for competitors like Microsoft's Bing to gain traction.

Nadella's testimony underscored the ongoing rivalry between Microsoft and Google, which spans over two decades and covers areas like online search, mobile computing, and cloud computing. In court, Nadella refuted Google's claim that users can easily change their default search engine, stating that most users don't make such changes. He also expressed concerns about Google's potential moves in the AI sector, suggesting that Google might strike exclusive deals to use online content for training its AI tools, further solidifying its dominance in future online search iterations.

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