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No AI FRAUD Act to combat deepfakes

Meta buying 350,000 GPUs, Microsoft AI-powered reading tutor, First AI phone, and more

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Welcome to Daily Zaps — Here’s what we got for you today: 🙌

  • 🤥 No AI FRAUD Act

  • 🤯 Meta goes all-in on AGI

  • 📚 Microsoft AI-powered reading tutor

  • 📲 First AI phone?

  • 🔗 Other tech news

Let’s get right into it!


The No Artificial Intelligence Fake Replicas And Unauthorized Duplications (No AI FRAUD) Act, introduced by Reps. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) and Madeleine Dean (D-PA), aims to establish a federal framework to protect Americans' rights to their likeness and voice against AI-generated fakes and forgeries. The bill responds to the misuse of AI in creating unauthorized replicas that infringe upon individual identity and intellectual property, impacting various professionals and even students.

Read the full text of the bill, click HERE. A one-page summary summarizing the legislation can be found HERE

Meta buying 350,000 GPUs in 2024

Mark Zuckerberg announced that by the end of 2024, Meta aims to build a massive compute infrastructure including 350,000 H100 units, with a total expenditure potentially nearing $9 billion at the lower price range. This is in addition to other GPUs, amounting to nearly 600,000 H100 equivalents of compute power.

He also mentioned plans to responsibly open source Meta's developments in "general intelligence," alongside the ongoing training of their Llama 3 model and the collaboration of their FAIR and GenAI research teams.

This AI Startup Investment is Winning

RAD AI has developed technology that transforms the $633B MarTech industry. Its award-winning AI tells brands who their customer is and how to best create content for them. 

1) $27M raised from 6,000+ investors, including VCs, execs at Google and Amazon. Backed by Adobe Fund for Design.

2) Dubbed “essential AI” for brands looking to attract new audiences and boost ROI. 

3) 3X revenue growth, clients include Hasbro, Sweetgreen, MGM and more.

83% Subscribed, Invest Before Feb. 16th, Closing Soon.

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement for RAD AI’s Regulation CF offering. Please read the offering circular at invest.radintel.ai 

Microsoft AI-powered reading tutor

Microsoft has launched Reading Coach, an AI-powered tool now available at no cost to anyone with a Microsoft account. This tool, accessible via the web and soon through a Windows app, is designed to assist learners in improving their reading skills.

Reading Coach offers personalized reading practice by helping learners identify challenging words and providing tools like text to speech, syllable breaking, and picture dictionaries for individualized practice.

Samsung Galaxy S24, first AI phone?

AI-Enhanced Image Editing: The Galaxy S24 series introduces innovative AI editing features for erasing, recomposing, and remastering photos. Additionally, any use of generative AI in editing adds a digital watermark and metadata to the image for authenticity.

Instant Slow-mo: This feature uses generative AI to create additional frames for a more comprehensive slow-motion experience.

Integration with Google’s Gemini Pro and Nano: The S24 series will leverage Google’s Gemini Pro model for enhanced summarization in Samsung’s Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard apps. It will also integrate Gemini Nano for on-device tasks like Google Messages.

ProVisual Engine for Photography: The ProVisual Engine, an AI-powered suite, enhances image capturing.

In case you’re interested — we’ve got a bunch of cool AI tools listed over at Daily Zaps AI hub. If you have any cool tools to share, feel free to submit them or get in touch with us by replying to this email.

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