OpenAI’s NDA scandal

OpenAI changes employee NDA, FCC and political ads with AI, Azure + Devin, Premium Meta AI, and more

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  • 🦙 Premium Meta AI might be coming soon

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OpenAI’s NDA scandal

Employees at OpenAI faced restrictive exit documents threatening the loss of vested equity if they didn't sign, creating a backlash within the company. Despite CEO Sam Altman's apology and claims of being unaware of these provisions, internal documents show he and other executives signed off on these policies.

This has raised questions about transparency and accountability at OpenAI, which positions itself as a leader in ethical AI development. OpenAI has since pledged to remove non-disparagement clauses and ensure former employees retain their vested equity, but this situation highlights deeper issues about the company's practices and trustworthiness.


AI disclosure for political ads on TV & radio

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a rule requiring political ads to disclose if they use AI-generated content. Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the proposal, emphasizing that consumers should know when AI tools are used in political ads. The rule would apply to cable operators, satellite TV, and radio providers, but not to streamers like YouTube, which the FCC doesn't regulate.

The proposal is the first step in developing this regulation, seeking public comments on its necessity and how to define AI-generated content. The FCC aims to protect the public from misleading or deceptive programming and ensure an informed public. If adopted, this regulation could deter deceptive practices and provide a basis for action against offenders.

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Microsoft + Devin

Microsoft has partnered with Cognition Labs to bring Devin, an autonomous AI software agent, to every developer. Devin is designed to handle tedious tasks like code migrations and replatforming, helping engineers save time and improve efficiency. This integration builds on Microsoft's strong developer ecosystem, including Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

Microsoft's CTO, Kevin Scott, emphasized their extensive work in AI, highlighting tools like GitHub Copilot. The collaboration aims to enhance developer experiences by providing powerful AI capabilities through Azure.


Premium Meta AI might be coming soon

Meta is considering charging users for a premium version of its AI assistant, Meta AI, similar to subscription models offered by Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic. This advanced version would include features such as task completion without human supervision, including coding assistance and advertising support. Amid a broader reorganization of its generative AI group, Meta is also developing agents for internal and customer use.

These initiatives come as Meta invests heavily in AI, with plans to potentially monetize its advanced AI services. CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at future charges for more sophisticated AI features, though specific details remain undecided. This move marks a shift for Meta, which has rarely charged for its platforms or services in its 20-year history.

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