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OpenAI to build the “iPhone of AI”?

AI for love, Lex and Zuck Metaverse interview, Amazon AI, and more

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  • 📲 OpenAI to build the “iPhone of AI”?

  • ❤️ AI for digital match making

  • 🥽 Lex and Zuck: interview in the Metaverse

  • 🤖 Amazon’s Bedrock AI generally available

  • 🔗 Other tech news

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OpenAI to build the “iPhone of AI”?

OpenAI, advancing in its ambitious endeavors, is reportedly in high-level discussions with former Apple designer Jony Ive and tech behemoth SoftBank to fuel a $1 billion project aimed at crafting the “iPhone of artificial intelligence”. This initiative emerges as OpenAI seeks to build on the triumph of ChatGPT amidst Silicon Valley's quest for the next groundbreaking hardware platform post-smartphone era.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, has engaged Ive’s firm LoveFrom to helm the development of OpenAI’s inaugural consumer device, with SoftBank's Masayoshi Son potentially injecting over a billion dollars into this venture. The collaboration, although in its infancy, envisions a device that revolutionizes interaction with AI, akin to how the iPhone's touchscreen altered mobile internet engagement.

AI for digital match making

Bumble, Inc. CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd envisions a future where AI technology significantly enhances the online dating experience on her platforms. During the Code Conference, she elaborated on how Bumble and Badoo have been utilizing AI to refine matching algorithms and improve other facets of the business, steering clear of creating virtual companions as some apps like Replika have done. Instead, she foresees AI acting as a digital matchmaker.

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Lex Fridman x Mark Zuckerberg: interview in the Metaverse

In this conversation within the Metaverse, the Lex and Mark Zuckerberg discuss the potential of photorealistic avatars in transforming online interactions. Despite being physically distant, they feel as though they're in the same room due to the realistic 3D avatars and spatial audio. The technology captures nuanced facial expressions, enhancing emotional communication. They discuss the process of creating these avatars, which currently requires a detailed scanning procedure, but the goal is to simplify this to a quick smartphone scan.

They envision this technology being integrated into various applications including work meetings and gaming, providing a more immersive and expressive way of interacting remotely. The discussion also touches on the challenges like rendering fidelity and capturing body movements, aiming to refine the avatars to convey subtle expressions accurately.

Amazon’s Bedrock AI generally available

Amazon GAs Bedrock, which allows users to access and utilize generative AI models from both Amazon and third-party partners. This service, available via an API, enables AWS customers to build and tailor applications using these AI models. Bedrock also facilitates the creation of AI "agents" that can automatically handle tasks such as booking travel, managing inventory, and processing insurance claims.

In the near future, Bedrock will include Llama 2, an open-source large language model from Meta, alongside other models from various AI labs. This move is part of Amazon's effort to provide a fully managed generative AI service through Bedrock.

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