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Photo-to-video deepfakes are coming

Dr. GPT not ready for prime time yet, Meta on AGI, AI powered weapons, and more

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  • 🕺 Photo-to-video deepfakes are coming

  • 🩺 Dr. GPT can make mistakes

  • 🧠 Meta's chief scientist on AGI

  • 🪖 New AI powered military weapon

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Photo-to-video deepfakes are coming

A research project sponsored by TikTok and National University of Singapore demonstrates an AI powered photo-to-video animation tool that is especially good at handling complex movements, like those in TikTok dance videos, where it did 38% better than other similar tools.

MagicAnimate is a tool designed to create realistic videos from photos, where the person or character appears to move naturally. Traditional methods struggled with smooth movements and maintaining consistent appearance, but MagicAnimate overcomes these by focusing on changes over time and closely tracking appearance details. Full PDF of the research paper is here.

While TikToks are mostly fun, there are concerns that such advanced photo-to-video technology could be misused for deceptive purposes.

Another competing diffusion based photo-to-video tool is called Animate-Anyone and the full PDF of the research paper is here.

Dr. GPT can make mistakes

In the medical field, there are worries about artificial intelligence (AI) causing problems. For example, one AI program that was supposed to predict a serious infection called sepsis ended up causing lots of false alarms. Another AI was meant to help very sick patients but instead made health differences between people worse. Because of these issues, doctors usually use AI for simpler tasks like helping with paperwork or giving a second opinion, not for major medical decisions.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which approves new medical tools, is very interested in AI. They think it can help find new drugs and spot side effects of medicines. But, there are concerns about how well the FDA checks these AI programs, especially those used to diagnose diseases like tumors or lung problems. President Biden recently signed an order to better manage AI in healthcare, asking for more research and ways to report any problems caused by AI.

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Meta's chief scientist on AGI

Yann LeCun, Meta's chief scientist and a prominent figure in deep learning, believes that current AI systems, including those capable of processing large amounts of text, are decades away from achieving true sentience or human-like common sense. His perspective contrasts with that of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who predicts that AI will rival human capabilities in various complex tasks within five years.

 LeCun suggests that Huang's optimism might be influenced by Nvidia's role as a key supplier in the AI industry, benefiting from the ongoing 'AI war'. LeCun emphasizes that much more needs to be done to reach advanced levels of AI, like achieving human-level intelligence.

More AI powered military weapons

Anduril, a defense tech startup, has created a new AI powered weapon called Roadrunner. This drone is a special kind of flying vehicle that can take off and land vertically on its own, and it's designed to be cheap to make. There's also a version called Roadrunner-Munition (Roadrunner-M) that can carry a bomb and destroy other flying threats. Both can be can be controlled by Anduril’s own AI software or work with other systems.

What's unique about Roadrunner is how it looks and what it can do. It can fly up, chase and destroy targets, and if it doesn't need to attack, it can fly back to its base to be refueled and used again. Anduril's chief strategy officer, Chris Brose, said that they've basically made a weapon that's like a fighter jet but lands like SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

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