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  • Reddit is using you to train A.I models.

Reddit is using you to train A.I models.

PLUS: Big Tech fights election deepfakes

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Here’s what we got for ya today:

  • ✍️ Reddit signs $60M deal with mystery company

  •  OpenAI gets denied by USPTO

  • 🦾 Tech giants wage war against election deepfakes

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Mystery company will use Reddit data to train chatbots

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Reddit has signed a deal worth $60 million dollars a year with a large, unnamed AI company.

This deal allows the mystery firm access to Reddit’s content for use in training chatbots. The agreement could serve as a model for future contracts, potentially bringing more multi-million dollar deals to Reddit. The website first announced plans to charge companies for API access last year, with pricing tiers aimed at making it affordable even for smaller clients.


OpenAI denied by USPTO

Copyright Claim

The US Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) has denied OpenAI's trademark application for the acronym "GPT," which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

The patent office argued that GPT is merely descriptive and expresses a characteristic of the company's product, rather than serving as a unique identifier.

Since launching its chatbot using GPT technology in November 2022, OpenAI has been attempting to prevent other companies from using the acronym. However, USPTO stated that many consumers associate "GPT" with specific product categories and technologies beyond those developed by OpenAI.

This marks the second time that USPOT has denied OpenAI's application; however, there is still an opportunity for review or appeal to trademark trial appeal board.

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Tech giants pledge to fight against deepfakes

Companies including tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Adobe have pledged to fight election-related deepfakes by adopting a common framework for responding to AI-generated deepfakes.

Thirteen other companies, including AI startups OpenAI and Anthropic as well as social media platforms TikTok and Snap also signed the accord.

The signatories said they would use methods to detect misleading political deepfakes when they're created or distributed on their platforms and share best practices with each other while providing swift responses when such content starts to spread. However, some critics suggest that the measures are voluntary and amount only to virtue signaling.

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