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Sam Altman is back, here’s what happens next

Amazon "AI Ready", Stable Diffusion for video, Claude 2.1, and more

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  • 📓 Amazon offering “AI Ready” courses

  • 🎥 Stable Video Diffusion

  • 🚢 Anthropic releases Claude 2.1

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Sam Altman is back, here’s what happens next

Sam Altman has been reappointed as CEO following a dramatic five-day period that included his unexpected dismissal. His return, supported by employees and investors, requires addressing several challenges:

  1. Investigating Allegations: Conducting the agreed internal investigation into the conduct that led to Altman's initial ouster.

  2. Healing Internal Rifts: Altman needs to reconcile differences with Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI's chief scientist, and others who initially supported his removal. This includes addressing concerns over AI safety and the company's direction.

  3. Repairing Company Image and Standing: The recent events have potentially harmed OpenAI's reputation with customers and employees. Competitors like Amazon and Microsoft have been trying to capitalize on this by luring away customers and staff.

  4. AI Safety and Commercial Balance: Altman must balance the company's rapid commercialization, evidenced by its $1.3 billion revenue from AI technologies, with growing concerns about AI safety and ethical implications.

  5. Corporate Governance: The incident exposed weaknesses in OpenAI's unique corporate structure. Changes are underway, including a revamped board without Altman and Brockman, to address these issues.

  6. Dealing with Personal Projects: Altman must also address perceptions of being distracted by external projects and ensure focus on OpenAI's mission and growth.

  7. Resolving Legal Matters: Addressing legal issues related to former board members and potential investor lawsuits.

Amazon offering “AI Ready” courses

Amazon has launched a new initiative called "AI Ready," which offers free educational courses on generative AI, aiming to impart "critical skills" to adults and young learners globally. The "AI Ready" program includes eight free courses covering topics like AI project management and development. Amazon's goal is to reach 2 million users with its AI courses by 2025, building on the 21 million people who have already trained in AWS cloud computing skills through its existing programs.

The courses are designed to meet the growing demand for AI talent in the job market, where there is a willingness to pay higher salaries for skilled individuals. While these courses aim to enhance AI proficiency, they also serve to promote Amazon's own AI products.

Last chance to invest before this company becomes a household name

What if you had the opportunity to invest in the biggest electronics products before they launched into big box retail, would you?

Through retail distribution deals with Best Buy, Ring changed doorbells and Nest changed thermostats. Early investors in these companies earned massive returns, but the opportunity to invest was limited to a select, wealthy few.

The game has changed, and for once investors have the option to invest in a company that’s gearing up for a massive retail rollout.

RYSE is set to debut in 100+ Best Buy stores this month, and you're in luck—you can still invest at only $1.25/share before their name becomes known nationwide.

They have patented the only mass market shade automation device, and their exclusive deal with Best Buy resembles that which led Ring and Nest to their billion-dollar buyouts.

Stable Video Diffusion

Stability AI recently announced "Stable Video Diffusion," an AI model that animates still images into videos. This model, an extension of the existing Stable Diffusion text-to-image model, stands out as one of the few video-generating models available both in open source and commercially.

Stable Video Diffusion comprises two models: SVD and SVD-XT. SVD transforms images into videos of 14 frames, while SVD-XT increases this to 24 frames. Despite their training on vast datasets, the origin of these videos remains unclear, posing potential legal and ethical issues regarding copyright. The models can produce high-quality four-second clips, comparable to those from major tech companies like Meta and Google.

Anthropic releases Claude 2.1

Amidst OpenAI's internal turmoil, competitor Anthropic is making strides with its updated large language model, Claude 2.1, positioning it as a formidable rival in the AI sector. This update introduces three significant enhancements: an expanded context window of 200,000 tokens, surpassing OpenAI's 128,000-token limit; improved accuracy in processing complex, factual questions; and the novel ability to use external tools.

While Claude's increased capacity for data processing is a notable leap, its effectiveness compared to models like GPT-4 varies, and the true utility of its accuracy improvements will be tested in practical applications.

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