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  • Sam Altman wants to raise seven trillion dollars.

Sam Altman wants to raise seven trillion dollars.

PLUS: FCC bans AI robo-callers

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Here’s what we got for ya today:

  • 💲 Sam Altman wants to raise 7 trillion dollars

  • 🦺 Biden Administration launches AI Safety Consortium

  • 🤖 FCC bans AI-generated robocalls

  • 👯‍♂️ Google rebrands Bard as Gemini

Let’s get right into it!


Who wants to be a trillionaire? (HINT: Sam Altman)

OpenAI's CEO — Sam Altman — is reportedly attempting to raise trillions of dollars to reshape the global semiconductor industry and supercharge AI chipmaking. Altman believes that OpenAI's ability to create artificial general intelligence that is as smart or smarter than most humans depends on the company's access to high-power semiconductor chips.

However, there aren't currently enough chips in the world for his plans. To solve this problem, Altman proposes a solution where OpenAI partners with investors, chip-makers and power providers to build dozens of massive chip foundries in the US. This fundraising goal is significantly larger than global sales of chips last year which hit $527B last year.


AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC)

The creation of AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) is a response to President Biden's executive order on AI, with a mission to establish standards and guidelines for AI development, focusing on areas like red-teaming, capability evaluations, risk management, and the authentication of synthetic content.

The consortium includes over 200 members such as OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants, as well as academic institutions and industry think tanks. This initiative represents the government's commitment to addressing the various risks posed by AI, including national security and misinformation, while also capitalizing on its potential. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo highlighted the pivotal role of the U.S. government in shaping the future of AI to ensure safety and trustworthiness.

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FCC bans AI-generated robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unanimously ruled to ban unsolicited robocalls that use AI-generated voices, a decision reinforced by the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act which mandates prior consent for such calls. This crackdown follows the FCC's investigation into a Texas company that used robocalls mimicking President Biden to deter voting in New Hampshire.

The new regulation allows the FCC to impose fines of up to $23,000 per call and empowers state attorneys general to pursue legal action against violators. Additionally, individuals receiving these calls can seek damages. This measure is a response to the nearly 4.3 billion robocalls Americans received in January alone, highlighting a significant step in combating deceptive practices and protecting consumers.

The FCC press release can be accessed here.


Google Rebrands Bard as Gemini

Google has launched Gemini, a free AI-driven app, aiming to simplify various tasks for users by assisting in writing, comprehension, and other daily activities. Gemini, which emerges from a project announced last year, is set to replace Google's earlier Bard chatbot in an effort to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Initially available on Android smartphones, it will soon integrate into Google's search app on iPhones.

Google anticipates that Gemini will become the primary interface for users to harness AI for thinking and creating, aligning with its mission to organize and make information universally accessible. The U.S. release will be followed by expansion into the Asia-Pacific with multilingual support. Additionally, Google plans to offer an advanced version of Gemini for a monthly fee, providing sophisticated AI capabilities and additional storage, with a free trial to attract users.

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