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  • Washington University in St. Louis Is Pro ChatGTP ๐Ÿ˜

  • Microsoft's Shark Tank Like Deal For ChatGPT ๐Ÿฆˆ

  • ChatGPT Is Helping People with ADHD โœ…

  • Cool Ai Apps and News ๐Ÿ’ป

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Washington University in St. Louis Is Pro ChatGTP

Unlike NYC, looks like WashU is embracing new tech! A faculty member recently tweeted that they haven't banned ChatGPT and they are encouraging their faculty to learn more about it. They even recommend incorporating it into coursework in the future, which is pretty cool, but also want professors to restructure assignments (aka ChatGTP proof homework). Overall seems like Washington University is keeping up with the latest in terms of technology and its integration in education.

I'm impressed by WashU's thoughts on this tricky topic. Using ChatGPT could be a way to shift towards an education system that doesn't focus soleon grades and instead focuses on long-term, deep learning. Tools like ChatGPT will assist with learning and communicating effectively.

Microsoft's Shark Tank Like Deal For ChatGPT

Microsoft is dropping a ton of cash, like $10 billion, on OpenAI But, hold on, there's a catch. Microsoft gets to keep 75% of the profits until they make back their investment. But once they get their money back, things get a little more fair. Microsoft will still have a share, but they'll own 49% just like the other investors. And the non-profit parent will keep 2%. Full details of deal are in below graphic.

ChatGPT Is Helping People with ADHD

A Reddit poster has found that using a language model like Assistant (called ChatGPT in this case) has helped them improve their performance in computer science and do better on exams, especially in understanding difficult concepts. They prefer using ChatGPT to traditional resources like Google, YouTube, and textbooks because it allows them to have a conversation and ask for clarification, and helps them understand dense material more efficiently. [Link]

Cool Ai Apps + News

ScaleAI Layoffs: ScaleAI, the startup that's been making waves with over $600 million in funding, just had to scale back and let go of 20% of its workforce. I guess there's a joke in there somewhere about scaling back, but it's not really funny when people are losing their jobs. But you can check out more information on the company website. [Link]

ChatGPT Content?: Looks like and are now both using AI / automation for content generation. For websites that have to generate tons of content this seems like a natural progression where AI will create the content and writers / editors will fact-check before publishing.

ChatGPT Jan 9th Update: Release notes from OpenAI - "We're excited to announce several updates to ChatGPT! Here's what's new:

  1. We made more improvements to the ChatGPT model! It should be generally better across a wide range of topics and has improved factuality.

  2. Stop generating: Based on your feedback, we've added the ability to stop generating ChatGPT's response" Youย know those old, blurry photos of your grandparents or family that you haven't seen in forever? This AI powered website will restore them for you for free with no login required. My test photo Barack Obama photo. Note: It focuses on the face only and will not fix clothing, background or other parts of the photo. [Link]

GFPGAN: If you're interested in the technology behind, it uses an algorithm called GFPGAN. This helps in restoring old and blurry faces in photos. The way it does this is by using a advanced version of GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) called StyleGAN2. Simply speaking, GAN is a type of AI that makes new images look very similar to real-world examples by using a generator network to create the new images and a discriminator network to check if they look real or not. [Link]

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