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  • Speak in 29 languages using A.I. 🗣️

Speak in 29 languages using A.I. 🗣️

A.I. in 2024, A.I. in healthcare, A.I. from Adobe, and more

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Welcome to Daily Zaps — Here’s what we got for you today: 🙌

  • 🗣️ ElevenLabs automatic A.I. voice dubbing

  • 🤖 Is the A.I. gravy train ending in 2024?

  • 🩻 Google A.I. in healthcare

  • 🎨 Adobe MAX 2023

  • 🔗 Other tech news

Let’s get right into it!

ElevenLabs automatic A.I. voice dubbing

ElevenLabs has introduced its AI Dubbing feature that can automatically translating spoken content into another language, all while retaining the original speaker's voice. This state-of-the-art tool, which stems from ElevenLabs' mission to eliminate linguistic barriers in content, can transform any speech into a different language, offering a unique and effective way to dub audio and video material.

The technology combines multilingual speech synthesis, voice cloning, and audio processing into a single tool, providing an authentic translation experience across more than 20 supported languages. CEO Mati Staniszewski emphasized the potential of AI Dubbing, noting its capacity to offer content in a viewer's native language while preserving the original speaker's nuances.

Is the A.I. gravy train ending in 2024?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to face a challenging year in 2024 as costs surge, according to a prediction by analyst firm CCS Insight. The firm believes that the hype around generative AI will taper off, particularly for smaller developers, due to the increasing expenses associated with operating the technology.

Ben Wood, CCS Insight's chief analyst, highlighted that while big firms can afford the significant costs of deploying and maintaining generative AI, many smaller developers and organizations might find it prohibitively expensive.

Not sure we agree…most large organizations are overbuilding GPU capacity and we think costs will come down. What do you think?

Biometric Authentication: No Cost Proof of Concept

The world’s fastest and most secure facial recognition and liveness detection vendor is offering a Zero Cost, Zero Commitment, Full Featured Proof of Concept.

Over 50 hours of engineering goes into customization of your mobile or web application. Live Chat, email, and telephone 24/7 support after implementation. Spaces are Limited.  

Compatible with IOS and Android, RESTful API’s, completely integrated into your existing operations.

Customer Onboarding | Liveness Detection | Face Recognition (1:1 & 1:N) | Age Verification | Iris Detection | Fraud Prevention against 60+ Spoofing Attacks

Speed to value in replacing manual and outdated verification methods with 3D liveness detection and AI driven face recognition with unparalleled accuracy in under 1 second.

Apply Now for your own full featured Proof-of-Concept.

Patent pending, ibeta and NIST certified compliant with the highest levels of data protection. Control your data in your own data centers.

Google A.I. in healthcare

At the recent HLTH ‘23 event, Google Cloud introduced Vertex AI Search for healthcare and life sciences, a feature that offers advanced search capabilities tuned for medical needs. This tool enables efficient access to a wide array of clinical data, including electronic health records, thereby ensuring that healthcare professionals can quickly obtain relevant insights essential for quality patient care.

Google Cloud’s specialized gen AI tools, including the Med-PaLM 2 large language model tailored for medical contexts, equipping organizations with the tools needed for swift, informed decision-making.

Adobe MAX 2023

Adobe has unveiled the latest versions of its generative AI model, Firefly, which promises superior image quality and introduces novel media production capabilities. Trained on approximately 70% more images, this advancement aims to elevate the system's capability in generating photo-realistic images, edging closer to its competitors. The model also offers users innovative ways to guide AI generation, including the ability to upload an image for style replication. To safeguard artists from potential infringements, Adobe will maintain an internal log of all uploaded reference images and has branded Firefly as "commercially safe," pledging to support customers against copyright claims.

The company has also rolled out tools that facilitate the creation of marketing materials, positioning it in competition with entities like Australian startup, Canva Inc. To incentivize content contribution to Adobe Stock, the company provides annual bonuses to contributors whose content aids in AI model training.

In case you’re interested — we’ve got a bunch of cool AI tools listed over at Daily Zaps AI hub. If you have any cool tools to share, feel free to submit them or get in touch with us by replying to this email. 30+ new tools added in last few days!

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