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Sports Illustrated deletes AI generated articles

Sports Illustrated and AI, Adding motion to memes, Amazon "Q", Amazon AI and shopping, OpenAI board update, and more

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  • ⚽️ Sports Illustrated deletes AI generated articles

  • 🛍️ 5 ways Amazon is using AI to improve holiday shopping

  • 𝐐 Amazon “Q” chatbot

  • 👮 OpenAI governance update

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Sports Illustrated deletes AI generated articles

Writer profiles found to have been created with AI

Sports Illustrated recently removed several articles from its website that were written under fake author names with AI-generated profile images. The authors were untraceable outside of the Sports Illustrated website, and their photos were found on AI headshot marketplaces.

These articles, created by AdVon Commerce, were deleted after The Arena Group, which operates Sports Illustrated, ended their partnership with AdVon. This incident has raised concerns about journalistic ethics and the credibility of content produced using AI, reflecting the challenges faced by the publishing industry in the era of AI technology.

5 ways Amazon is using AI to improve holiday shopping

Amazon utilizes AI extensively throughout its delivery process, enhancing customer experience from product selection to delivery. AI's role begins with forecasting demand for products (via SCOT technology), continues with robotics aiding in warehouse operations, and extends to sorting packages and optimizing delivery routes. Amazon's AI also trains robots for peak days like Cyber Monday and assists in predicting unforeseen challenges in delivery.

Key AI applications in Amazon's operations include:

  1. Supply Chain Optimization Technology (SCOT) for product demand forecasting.

  2. Robotics in fulfillment centers for efficient package handling.

  3. AI-enhanced robots like "Robin" for sorting packages.

  4. Predictive analytics for handling unexpected delivery challenges.

  5. Route optimization for last-mile delivery using machine learning models.

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Amazon “Q” chatbot

Amazon has launched its own AI chatbot named Amazon Q, designed for business users on its AWS cloud platform. Targeted at AWS users such as coders, IT administrators, and business analysts, Amazon Q assists in writing code, answering queries about AWS services, and generating business reports through QuickSight.

Integrated with Amazon Connect for customer service support, the chatbot can access proprietary data for customization and offers security features for IT management. Announced by AWS CEO Adam Selipsky at the re:Invent conference, this initiative is part of Amazon's broader AI strategy, including new chips for AI model training and deployment. Detailed pricing information here.

OpenAI governance update

OpenAI's new board of directors, overseeing its for-profit businesses, plans not to include representatives from external investors like Microsoft, focusing instead on prioritizing safety practices over investor returns. This decision follows the dramatic ousting and reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman, underlining tensions between the board and investors.

Despite Altman's influence on the board's composition, he won’t immediately reclaim his board seat. Meanwhile, OpenAI's partnership with Microsoft remains critical but fragile. Internally, OpenAI faces challenges in maintaining its business trajectory and staff morale, especially after the recent upheaval and increased competition from rivals like Amazon Web Services.

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