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  • These five A.I. terms were added to Dictionary.com

These five A.I. terms were added to Dictionary.com

Chatrepreneur, A.I. for medical advice, Harvard A.I. study, and more

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  • 📘 These five A.I. terms were added to Dictionary.com

  • 🩻 A.I. vs. Googling: which wins for medical symptoms?

  • 🤖 Is ChatGPT a better entrepreneur than most?

  • 📚 Harvard study: A.I.'s influence on knowledge workers

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These five A.I. terms were added to Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com has added several new words and expanded definitions to its list, reflecting the evolving English language and the influence of generative AI. Notably, it added terms like generative AI, GPT (likely referring to OpenAI's GPT models), and LLM (Large Language Model) to its lexicon.

generative AI - noun. Computers. artificial intelligence that is designed to process prompts from users and respond with text, images, audio, or other output that is modeled on a training data set.

chatbot - noun. a computer program designed to respond with conversational or informational replies to verbal or written messages from users.

GPT - abbreviation. Computers, Digital Technology. generative pre-trained transformer: a type of machine learning algorithm that uses deep learning and a large database of training text in order to generate new text in response to a user’s prompt.

hallucinate - verb. Computers, Digital Technology. (of a machine learning program) to produce false information contrary to the intent of the user and present it as if true and factual.

LLM - abbreviation. Computers. large language model: a type of machine learning algorithm trained on extremely large data sets of existing language and designed to generate new, naturalistic responses to prompts.

A.I. vs. Googling: which wins for medical symptoms?

A study conducted by Emory University School of Medicine found that ChatGPT performed quite well in diagnosing eye-related complaints when compared to human doctors, outperforming the symptom checker on WebMD. While AI chatbots like ChatGPT offer improved accuracy compared to searching online, integrating this technology into healthcare systems raises questions about regulation and oversight.

Some believe AI-based medical tools should undergo a regulatory approval process similar to the FDA's, but the timeline for such regulation is uncertain. Concerns about privacy, safety, bias, transparency, and liability also surround the use of AI chatbots in healthcare. Despite these challenges, some researchers suggest that AI chatbots are accurate enough to merit consideration and could potentially benefit both physicians and patients.

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Is ChatGPT a better entrepreneur than most?

Wharton professor Christian Terwiesch conducted an experiment to compare ChatGPT's ability to generate product ideas with that of his MBA students. ChatGPT outperformed the students, producing better, faster, and cheaper ideas. The experiment involved 200 ideas from MBA students tasked with creating products under $50 for the college student market. ChatGPT generated 200 ideas in 15 minutes, with higher purchase probabilities (47%) compared to human ideas (40%), and even higher for "seeded" ideas (49%).

  • ChatGPT is a valuable idea-generation tool that is fast, cost-effective, and produces high-quality ideas, making it a useful resource for various fields.

  • Generative AI can expedite the innovation process by helping with idea generation and evaluation, a crucial stage in innovation.

  • Rather than pitting humans against machines, the future lies in collaborative use, where AI acts as a creative co-pilot, enhancing human innovation capabilities.

Harvard study: A.I.'s influence on knowledge workers

TL;DR - Sometimes AI good, others times AI bad :-)

The study gauged the impact of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT on knowledge workers, using two field experiments with consultants at Boston Consulting Group. It introduces the concept of a "jagged technological frontier" to explain how AI can enhance performance on certain tasks but hinder it on similar tasks beyond current AI capabilities.

In tasks within the technological frontier, consultants using AI showed significant productivity gains, completing 12% more subtasks 25% faster with over a 40% increase in output quality.

However, for tasks deliberately placed outside the frontier, consultants using AI were 19 percentage points less likely to find the correct solution compared to those without AI.

The study identified two models of human-AI collaboration: Centaurs, who strategically divide tasks between humans and AI, and Cyborgs, who integrate human and AI capabilities closely. It emphasizes the need to validate AI output and rely on human judgment due to the unpredictability of the jagged frontier.

In conclusion, the paper underscores AI's transformative potential in knowledge work but also emphasizes the importance of recognizing its limitations and using it judiciously.

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