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  • 🥤 This new Coca-Cola flavor was made by A.I.

🥤 This new Coca-Cola flavor was made by A.I.

Stable Audio from makers of Stable Diffusion, iPhone 15, Stop trying to copyright A.I. generated art, and more

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  • 🥤 This new Coca-Cola flavor was made by A.I.

  • 🎼 Stable Audio - from the makers of Stable Diffusion

  • 📱iPhone 15’s A.I. features

  • 🎨 US government rejects copyright for A.I. generated art

  • 🔗 Other tech news

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This new Coca-Cola flavor was made by A.I.

Coca-Cola has continued its experimentation with limited-edition beverages featuring mystery tastes, the latest being Coca-Cola Y3000, which is designed to evoke the taste of the future. To create this futuristic flavor, Coca-Cola used artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with human insights. The company first identified the flavors people associate with the future and then used AI to determine flavor pairings and profiles. Additionally, AI-generated images were employed to create the packaging design, with the aluminum can proudly displaying the label "Co-Created with AI."

The Y3000 flavor, available in both zero and full-sugar versions in the United States and Canada, is part of Coca-Cola's Creations platform, which offers limited-edition flavors and pairs online experiences with real-life events or merchandise. The company's strategy is to keep its brand relevant and engaging, especially with younger consumers who seek novel experiences and flavors, using AI as a tool for innovation and inspiration.

iPhone 15’s A.I. features

During Apple's iPhone 15 launch event, the company highlighted the role of artificial intelligence (AI) without explicitly naming it. Apple emphasized the capabilities of its custom-designed semiconductors, the S9 chip for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, and the A17 Pro chip for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The S9 chip enables on-device processing of requests to Siri, reducing the need for cloud-based AI processing and enhancing speed and security. Similarly, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 features AI-driven functionalities like "double tap" for device control. While Apple refrained from explicitly mentioning AI, it showcased the practical benefits and features powered by AI on its devices.

Apple's A17 Pro chip, with its 3 nanometer semiconductor technology, was a standout feature in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, making them the only smartphones with a 3nm chip on the market. The smaller transistor size allows for more powerful and efficient chips, enabling features such as predictive typing and advanced camera technology that rely on AI.

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US government rejects copyright for A.I. generated art

The US Copyright Office Review Board has rejected copyright protection for an AI-generated artwork titled "Theatre D'opera Spatial," which won a Colorado State Fair art contest in 2022. The decision was based on the absence of human authorship required for copyright registration. The Board asserted that the artwork contained more than a negligible amount of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI), and the AI-generated material must be disclaimed in the registration application. The artist, Jason M. Allen, was unwilling to disclaim the AI-generated content, leading to the denial of copyright protection. This decision highlights the Copyright Office's stance that human authorship is a prerequisite for US copyright registration.

Jason M. Allen had created the award-winning artwork using the Midjourney image synthesis service, and he applied for copyright registration. However, the Copyright Office requested that Allen disclaim the AI-generated portions of the image, which he refused to do. The Copyright Review Board upheld the denial, emphasizing that the significant presence of AI-generated content rendered the entire image ineligible for copyright protection. This decision follows a precedent set by the Copyright Office, which has previously rejected copyright protection for AI-generated artwork, raising questions about the ownership and copyright implications of AI-generated creations.

Stable Audio - from the makers of Stable Diffusion

Stable Audio is a website offering AI music generation for both commercial and non-commercial projects, developed by Stability AI. The AI model used in Stable Audio is trained on music from its partner, AudioSparx. Stable Audio emphasizes the uniqueness of each generated sound file, and users are encouraged to experiment with text prompts to get the desired results. The platform plans to open source a music generation model trained on different data in the future.

“The launch of Stable Audio has generated a lot of interest, and our systems are having trouble keeping up. We're working hard to address this. Please feel free to sign up and start generating audio - but you may well get a blank screen. If you do, we're sorry - we recommend trying again tomorrow.”

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