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United States A.I. Act framework released

Microsoft offer lawsuit protection, Pentagon's plans for AI, Ebay's AI tools, and more

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  • 📜 United States A.I. Act framework released

  • 🧿 Microsoft offers A.I. copyright lawsuit protection

  • 🎖️ Pentagon plans vast A.I. fleet to counter adversaries

  • 🛒 eBay’s new listing tool uses artificial intelligence

  • 🔗 Other tech news

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Framework for U.S. A.I. Act released

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Josh Hawley are set to unveil a comprehensive framework for regulating artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to address the technology's challenges and opportunities. The framework includes provisions for AI licensing and auditing, the establishment of an independent federal office to oversee AI, liability for companies in cases of privacy and civil rights violations, and requirements for data transparency and safety standards.

These proposals will be highlighted in an AI hearing featuring Microsoft's president, Brad Smith, and Nvidia's chief scientist, William Dally. Blumenthal and Hawley plan to introduce bills based on this framework, reflecting Congress's growing efforts to catch up with AI technology.

Lawmakers aim to prevent the mistakes made in the past regarding privacy, safety, and security laws for social media companies and are moving swiftly toward legislation, driven by a recognition of AI's risks and benefits. Industry leaders have advocated for AI regulations to address concerns such as disinformation, job displacement, and electoral disruption.

Microsoft offers A.I. copyright lawsuit protection

Microsoft is offering a Copilot Copyright Commitment to its customers, assuring them of legal protection in the event of copyright infringement claims while using its AI Copilot services. Brad Smith, Microsoft's chief legal officer, stated that the company will assume responsibility for potential legal risks, defending customers and covering any adverse judgments or settlements resulting from lawsuits filed by third parties.

This commitment is an extension of Microsoft's broader AI customer commitments and aims to address concerns raised by copyright holders regarding the usage of protected works with AI services.

Microsoft's Copilot services have been integrated into various products and services, including Windows 11, the Edge browser, Teams, and Outlook. This commitment is a response to the uncertainty surrounding copyright law and aims to ensure that customers can utilize generative AI services without fear of legal repercussions while encouraging responsible usage and compliance with content filters and safety measures.

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Pentagon plans vast A.I. fleet to counter adversaries

The Pentagon is unveiling plans to rapidly deploy a vast network of AI-driven technologies, drones, and autonomous systems within the next two years to counter security threats posed by China and other adversaries. Kathleen Hicks, the deputy secretary of defense, outlined the department's intention to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in producing thousands of AI-powered systems across air, land, and sea domains, aiming for solutions that are "small, smart, cheap."

Other proposed capabilities encompass autonomous ground-based systems for logistics, numerous space-based autonomous systems for resilience against adversary attacks, and autonomous systems designed to defend against incoming missiles. These autonomous systems leverage artificial intelligence for target detection and engagement, incorporating self-piloting air and sea-based drones. While the Replicator initiative aims to offset China's military expansion, concerns linger regarding funding adequacy and the integration of Replicator assets with existing military systems. The Pentagon is set to finalize initial investments based on service chiefs and combatant commanders' input by year-end, with plans to deploy thousands of AI-driven systems.

eBay’s new listing tool uses artificial intelligence

eBay has been actively integrating various forms of AI, including generative AI from Azure's OpenAI, into its platform to enhance the selling and buying experience by providing more detailed listings while making the listing process faster and more straightforward for sellers.

This tool addresses the "cold start" issue, particularly helpful for first-time sellers who may find the listing process overwhelming due to the amount of required information.

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