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  • 🕺U.S. Bans TikTok On Government Devices

🕺U.S. Bans TikTok On Government Devices

Kamal Harris Named "AI Czar", DEF CON 31 AI Red Team, Google Search Changing, Warren Buffet on AI, and More

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  • 🔵 Results of Biden-Harris Meeting with AI CEOs

  • 🕺U.S. Bans TikTok On Government Devices

  • 🐞DEF CON 31 Event To Find Bugs In AI Models

  • 🌐 Google I/O Event AI Topics

  • 🔮 Warren Buffet On AI and ChatGPT

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Results of Biden-Harris Meeting with AI CEOs

The Biden-Harris Administration has announced new measures to promote responsible innovation in AI and protect people's rights and safety. The Administration aims to mitigate AI-related risks while driving cohesive and comprehensive approaches to AI-related opportunities. To achieve this goal, the Administration will meet with CEOs of leading AI innovation companies to emphasize their responsibility and highlight the importance of driving ethical and trustworthy innovation. The new measures include investments in responsible American AI research and development, public evaluations of existing generative AI systems, and policies to ensure that the US government leads by example in mitigating AI risks and harnessing AI opportunities. Vice President Kamala Harris was officially named the Biden Administration's new "AI Czar," appointed to help oversee the responsible development of artificial intelligence amid rapidly growing concerns that weakly regulated expansion of the tech could quickly turn dangerous.

Program was given an $140 million budget

U.S. Bans TikTok On Government Devices

The No TikTok on Government Devices Act was passed in as part of the 2023 U.S. government budget. This law instructs federal agencies to remove the TikTok app from their devices due to security concerns. The 120 day deadline (June 27, 2023) to implement all aspects of act is approaching.

The TikTok algorithm works by using machine learning to analyze user behavior, including what content users watch, like, and share. The algorithm then uses this data to recommend new content to users that it believes they will enjoy based on their past behavior. This can create a highly personalized experience for users, which is one of the reasons for TikTok's popularity.

However, the use of the TikTok app has raised concerns in the US due to its Chinese ownership and the potential for the Chinese government to access user data. The US government has expressed concerns that the app could be used to collect information on US citizens, including their location and other sensitive data, which could be used for espionage or other purposes.

Most Followers on TikTok

DEF CON 31 Event To Find Bugs In AI Models

DEF CON 31, the largest annual hacker convention, will host a generative AI red team event supported by the White House Office of Science, Technology, and Policy, the National Science Foundation, and the Congressional AI Caucus. The event will test bugs in large language models provided by Anthropic, Google, Hugging Face, NVIDIA, OpenAI, and Stability, with the participation of Microsoft, using an evaluation platform developed by Scale AI. The goal is to assess the risks of new generative large language models and grow the community of researchers that know how to help. The event will be adapted into educational programming for officials and community partners.

Google I/O Event AI Topics

Google is reportedly planning to make its search engine more visual, personal, and human, with a focus on serving young people globally. The company intends to move away from the traditional format of presenting search results, known as "10 blue links," and incorporate more human voices into its service. As part of this shift, Google is expected to debut new features at its annual I/O developer conference that allow users to converse with an AI program. The move comes as generative AI gains popularity and companies rush to launch similar products they believe will change the nature of work.

Warren Buffet On AI and ChatGPT

Warren Buffett expressed concern over the rise of artificial intelligence, comparing it to the creation of the atom bomb during Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting. Buffett, impressed by AI's vast capabilities, including checking all legal opinions, still voiced his fears about the rapidly evolving programs, saying, "When something can do all kinds of things, I get a little bit worried." He believes AI will change "everything in the world, except how men think and behave." Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, also expressed skepticism about AI. Their comments follow a letter signed by 1,600 researchers and tech experts, including Elon Musk, calling for a six-month pause on AI development due to its potential risks to society and humanity.

Cool A.I. Tools, News and Demos

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U.S. Bans TikTok On Government Devices