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U.S. government’s AI fairness pledge

Meta deepfake policy change, John Stewart on AI, Altman and Ive working on AI hardware, Canada AI plans, and more

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  • ⚖️ U.S. government’s AI fairness pledge

  • 🥸 Meta updates AI/deepfake policy

  • 🤝 Altman and Ive $1B AI hardware collab

  • 🎭 Comedian John Stewart on AI

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U.S. government’s AI fairness pledge

Several U.S. federal agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and others, pledged to safeguard the public against unlawful bias in the workplace arising from artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems. The joint statement highlighted concerns that AI can lead to discriminatory outcomes through flawed data, lack of transparency, and erroneous assumptions in system design.

These agencies have a history of combating discrimination, with efforts like the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs enforcing legal requirements against discrimination by contractors doing business with the federal government. This commitment reflects a proactive stance on ensuring AI tools are used fairly and responsibly in the workplace.

Full statement PDF here.


Meta updates AI/deepfake policy

Meta has responded to its Oversight Board's criticisms by revising its rules on AI-generated and manipulated media to enhance transparency and context rather than opting for removal. From next month, it plans to label a broader spectrum of such content with "Made with AI" badges, especially for deepfakes, provided they meet certain criteria such as having industry-standard AI image indicators or being self-disclosed as AI-generated by the uploader. This shift aims to balance the demands for content moderation with the preservation of free speech, especially significant in a politically charged year with numerous elections globally.

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Altman and Ive $1B AI hardware collab

Jony Ive and Sam Altman are aiming to raise up to $1 billion for a project that diverges from traditional phone design. With OpenAI's technology likely powering its features, the device is set to explore new ground in personal and wearable AI-driven devices.Additionally, the venture is considering developments in server chip manufacturing, potentially rivaling Nvidia, and aims to integrate conversational AI into various hardware products, including wearable technology.


Comedian John Stewart on AI

Jon Stewart expressed skepticism on "The Daily Show" about tech CEOs' grand promises regarding artificial intelligence, specifically questioning their focus on trivial applications like making toast instead of addressing pressing issues like climate change and disease cures. Highlighting a clip of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg using AI to make toast, Stewart humorously dismissed the relevance of such a task, emphasizing that technology should be aimed at more significant challenges.

He voiced concerns over AI's potential to replace jobs, citing a clip of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna acknowledging AI's efficiency in reducing workforce requirements. Stewart labeled these technological advancements as a "bait and switch," implying a disconnection between the optimistic promises of AI and its real-world implications, particularly regarding employment.

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