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  • US spy agency, CIA, builds its own A.I.

US spy agency, CIA, builds its own A.I.

Open funding plans, Meta chatbot personas, Bard chats show up in Google search, and more

Welcome to Daily Zaps — Here’s what we got for you today: 🙌

  • 🕵🏻‍♂️ CIA builds its own ChatGPT-style AI

  • 🏗️ Microsoft wants to build own AI

  • 🥽 Meta to release chatbot personas

  • 😳 Bard shared conversations get index by Google

  • 🔗 Other tech news

Let’s get right into it!

CIA builds its own ChatGPT-style AI

The CIA is launching an AI program, similar to ChatGPT, to assist in analyzing vast amounts of data across the internet for ongoing investigations. Developed by the CIA's Open Source Enterprise division, this AI tool aims to enhance open-source intelligence access for analysts and will be deployed across the US government's 18 intelligence agencies. The initiative is driven by concerns over China's advancement in global AI technology.

Randy Nixon, Director of the CIA's AI division, stressed the ever-expanding data challenge on the web and the need to identify critical information amidst the vast volume of available data. The CIA's goal is to keep pace with evolving technology in the intelligence field.

Microsoft wants to build own AI

Microsoft is taking steps to reduce its dependence on OpenAI by developing its own cost-effective conversational AI models. They aim to create AI systems that are nearly as capable as OpenAI's but smaller and more affordable to operate. Microsoft's in-house AI is being tested by its Bing team for functions similar to ChatGPT. The motivation behind this move is to control the escalating costs associated with running large AI models.

Despite investing heavily in OpenAI, Microsoft wants to avoid excessive expenses resulting from widespread AI use. Developing smaller "distilled" models enables them to offer powerful AI features while managing costs effectively. This initiative provides Microsoft with alternative options for delivering competitive and cost-efficient AI products and strengthens their negotiating position with OpenAI in the future.

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Meta to release chatbot personas

Meta is planning to unveil a generative AI chatbot called "Gen AI Personas" aimed at younger users during its Meta Connect event. These chatbots will come in various personas designed to engage young users with colorful behaviors, following the success of ChatGPT. Meta has reportedly tested chatbot personas such as a "sassy robot" inspired by Bender from Futurama and an inquisitive "Alvin the Alien," though some concerns arose about data collection. The company intends to create numerous chatbots, including ones for productivity tasks like coding, and is even working on a chatbot creation tool for celebrities to connect with fans.

In addition to chatbots, Meta is developing a powerful large language model to compete with OpenAI's GPT-4, which underlies ChatGPT and Bing. The company is also working on an AI model to enhance its Horizon Worlds avatars. The goal is to keep users engaged for longer, potentially increasing ad-serving opportunities.

Bard shared conversations get index by Google

Google is indexing shared conversation URLs generated by Bard. It's important to clarify that this indexing applies solely to conversations that have been explicitly shared. By default, your conversations are not public. Many users may not be aware that sharing a conversation could lead to Google indexing it and making it visible in search engine results. Google is working on blocking tehse shared conversations from getting indexed.

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