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  • Year 2022 Ai Rewind ⏪

  • There's an AI for that” is the new “There's an app for that 😎

  • Ai Deep Dive Resources 🧠

  • Generative Ai Zap Man Art ⚡

Year 2022 Ai Rewind ⏪

2022 was a wild year for AI. I don't think any other year can even come close to all the crazy stuff that happened. It's like it was an anomaly or something. But you never know, 2023 could bring even more mind-blowing developments in the world of AI. It's anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure - it's going to be a fun ride! Below are a few milestones from 2022.

AI Beats Out Human Artists at Art Competition Using Midjourney

Midjourney, a text-to-image AI app was released July 12, 2022. Midjourney is currently only accessible through a Discord bot on their official Discord, by direct messaging the bot, or by inviting the bot to a third party server. To generate images, users use the /imagine command and type in a prompt; the bot then returns an image. [Link]

This year at the Colorado State Fair, they had an art competition with categories like painting and sculpture. But one guy, Jason M. Allen from Pueblo West, Colorado, did things a little differently. He used AI text-to-image program Midjourney to turn lines of text into super realistic graphics. His piece, "Théâtre D'opéra Spatial," ended up winning the blue ribbon for emerging digital artists. That's a pretty big deal, especially because it's one of the first times an AI-generated piece has won a prize like that.

But not everyone was thrilled about it. Some artists accused Allen of cheating, and there have been lots of debates and discussions about the ethics of AI-generated art. There are even some people who think that using these programs is kind of like high-tech plagiarism. It's definitely a topic that's causing some tension in the art world.

DALL-E 2 was the AI Art Generator We Never Knew We Needed 👩‍🎨

DALL-E is a machine learning-based text-to-image generator created by OpenAI. It allows users to generate unique artwork by providing text prompts that describe the subject and style of the desired image. The tool is a generative model that uses its training on millions of existing images and captions to generate a new image based on the given description. The name DALL·E 2 is a combination of Salvador Dali and Pixar's WALL-E and was announced in January 2021. In July 12, 2022, DALL-E 2 entered a beta phase, or initial development and testing stage, sending invitations to one million people on its waitlist. In September 28, 2022, OpenAI removed the waitlist for DALL-E, allowing users to sign up for the software immediately.

See below for results of prompt "painting of a young woman absorbed in thought, in pink mini dress, looking at her cellphone while waiting at a bus stop, on an empty road, in Willem Maris impressionist style"

Stable Diffusion, Open Source Alternative to DALL-E 🖼️

Stable Diffusion is text-to-image model released in August 22, 2022 by Stability Ai. Unlike DALL-E, Stable Diffusion is open source and added gasoline to the already super hot text-to-image excitement.

See below for results of prompt "photo of 8k ultra realistic harbour, port, boats, sunset, beautiful light, golden hour, full of colour, cinematic lighting, battered, trending on artstation, 4k, hyperrealistic, focused, extreme details,unreal engine 5, cinematic, masterpiece, art by studio ghibli"

Google’s DreamBooth Brings Personalization to AI Art 🎥

The Internet was already being stormed by OpenAI’s DALL.E 2 or StabilityAI’s Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. On August 26, 2022 Google and Boston University announced DreamBooth. DreamBooth is capable of comprehending the subject of a given image, separating it from the image’s existing context, and then accurately synthesizing it into a new desired context. Plus, it can work with existing AI image generators. A cute example is taking input photos of your dog and then outputting the dog in various situations.

DreamBooth + Stable Diffusion = 🔥

App makers took DreamBooth to the next level by allowing users to train Stable Diffusion on personal picture and create amazing personal profile pictures.

Everyone is Obsessed With ChatGPT, a Mind-Blowing AI Chatbot

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. ChatGPT is like a personal assistant for writing and research. It's an AI language model that can help you with a variety of tasks, including proofreading, vocabulary, and brainstorming.

I used ChatGPT with prompt "You are a AI newsletter reader. write an email expressing how much you love the newsletter but also give some feedback on how to make it better" and results are below.

Then I had ChatGPT "redo but make it funny"

Another "redo but write like you are five years old"

🤕 Ouch! We get the hint, in 2023 we will do out best to reduce the jargon and pump up the fun!

Anyways, you can see the power of this tool and we just scratched the surface on how people are using ChatGPT and why they love it. A good place to start learning about ChatGPT is the ChatGPT Prompt Guide, a 47 page resource explaining how to best use ChatGPT. [Link]

If you understand the ideas and benefits of text-to-image generators and text chatbots, you're caught up on the latest in AI events in 2022.

Cool Ai Apps, Stories, and Ideas 😎

There's an AI for that” is the new “There's an app for that. There were tons of 'Uber for X' a few years ago, and now we're seeing a bunch of 'ChatGPT for X'. Here are some that caught our attention.

  • PromptHero: Search millions of art images by AI models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney [Link]

  • DraftLab: AI-powered Gmail copilot that helps you write better emails faster. [Link]

  • Quora Poe: Quora launches Poe, a way to talk to AI chatbots like ChatGPT. [Link]

  • Magical AI: Speech-to-AI that uses OpenAI. [Link]

  • Andrew Huberman Transcripts: Episode transcripts of popular podcast. [Link]

  • Feather AI: Audio-to-text summarizer. Drop a link to a podcast or YouTube video and receive a polished summary within a few minutes. [Link]

  • Emailtriager: Use AI to automatically draft email replies in the background. [Link]

  • ChatBCG: Text-to-PowerPoint / BCG-3 (Bi-modal Conditional Generation)- Generative AI for slides creates slides instantly with AI. [Link]

  • Addy: An AI powered assistant that drafts your emails in seconds, with your preferred style and tone. [Link]

  • Replai: AI assistant for Twitter replies. Replies in 1 click, powered by GPT-3. [Link]

Ai Deep Dive Resources 🧠

If you're looking to dive deeper into the world of artificial intelligence and really get nerdy with it, there are plenty of resources out there to help you on your journey. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • DreamBooth: Fine Tuning Text-to-Image Diffusion Models for Subject-Driven Generation [Link]

  • Openjourney: Open source Stable Diffusion fine tuned model on Midjourney images, by PromptHero [Link]

  • Prompt Engineering Guide: Prompt engineering is a field that involves creating and designing prompts for use in natural language processing systems. It involves understanding how prompts can influence the output of these systems, and how to create effective prompts that produce accurate and useful results.[Link]

  • Ai Papers: A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code. [Link]

Generative Ai Zap Man Art ⚡

Check out this reader-submitted AI-generated Zap Man image. If you have your own image, reply and we might feature it in a future newsletter.

logo of a superhero that has lightning and artificial intelligence blue

Prompt: logo of a superhero that has lightning and artificial intelligence blue

Thanks for reading and see you next year!

Zap Man

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